Everything Does Revolve Around Me (my mother was wrong)

This grand idea that I had planned in my head is slowly becoming a disaster , causing me to rethink my entire project. That was my biggest fear. Nothing is going right, which usually is the case when you have to rely on other people. After much thought I figured that my story in itself should be something to focus on rather than a collection of interviews and stories from others. As disappointing as it sounds (because having other people involved and not just myself would be cool) I think it’s important to note that my story is worth telling. Although I dont think its “cool” I think it’s important to tell, and eliminates the need to rely on others.

That being said I am not giving up on my original vision and will try the best I can within the next two weeks to get interviews from different coaches. There is no reason for me to completely give up on the project but I am bringing myself to the reality that IF I cannot get the interviews I wanted it is okay to revolve the project around my story. With the research I’ve done with Athletes connected ,I realized there’s a better way to have the athlete discuss their injury without feeling ostracized. The research I’ve done also makes the athlete feel …like there not a person or that there’s something wrong with them. Its less personal and filled with actors and feels like a poorly scripted tornado drill video that I used to have to watch in elementary school. 

 The collective interview was supposed to alleviate this issue and bring a more community feel to athletes who felt ostracized. And although I am not quitting on that just yet, the feedback that I got in class today was very helpful. Briana mentioned how I could have the project be about me while including other people’s thoughts and stories but without having to rely on them with scheduling interviews. My research will have to switch gears and I will have to go deeper into storytelling and figuring out how people story tell and how biographies and autobiographies are approached.

3 thoughts to “Everything Does Revolve Around Me (my mother was wrong)”

  1. Courtney, know that we are so excited to hear about your story. I admire your persistence in getting input from others, but your story is equally as important. I know from experience just how healing it can be to talk about your own experience, and I’m excited for you as you explore this idea.

    Do you still plan to have it be a video?

  2. I’m so glad you’re sticking with the same themes of the project, despite all of these unfortunate roadblocks. Your vision is still very much intact, and that’s a hard thing to do when one makes a decision like this. I echo Emma’s sentiment in that your story is just as compelling as those collective stories would have been, and we’re excited to hear about it.

  3. I overheard you talking to T on Monday about filming yourself and I think that this is a fantastic idea to keep sticking with your theme but also be able to create material where you would not have to rely on as many other people! I am so excited to see how you adapt and I truly believe that in the end, this is become something that you’re really proud of.

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