Questions About my Topic

So far my topic has been very straightforward. My projects have dealt with “what is”: very surface level ideas. My first project involved creating a buyer’s guide for guitar and my second project was a progression video. Tasked with finding an interesting provocative question, I decided to view broader concepts in music.

Music is deeply intertwined with humanity. Why is that? Songs evoke strong emotional responses. Is that solely a human experience? Thinking about this led me to birds and bird songs. Do they only sing because it is a way of communications or is there also an emotional aspect involved. Is there even a difference? A method to convey emotion implies a pathway for communication. To get an idea of whether birds, or other animals, get joy from music is a difficult task. Understanding whether a bird experiences emotion relies on a metric for measuring emotion. A measure of emotion requires a method in which we can essentially measure consciousness which unfortunately does not exist quite yet. I kind of jumped all over the place while questioning the importance of music in human culture but it is a good question to ask. Why does a good song affect us so much?

What is the best way to practice? I believe there are a few ways to approach this question. It is similar to dieting. There are diets which are extremely aggressive and work extremely well. However, in the long run they are probably not feasible. Other diets, are slower but are more sustainable. Similar to practicing an instrument, there are definitely ways to practice intensively for a short period of time with the risk of burning out. There is also the method to practice at a slower pace but still have the motivation to practice for more sustained length of time. As well as the time intensive aspect of practicing, there is also the methodology of practicing. It is possible to play for fun and get almost nothing done, while practicing deliberately for 10 minutes will give better results. However, deliberate practice is extremely tiring and doing it for a long time can also lead to burn out.

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