looking foolish

The more work I do into my project the more I wonder why I haven’t heard or read of studies around the significance of personas within the music.

I assume the only reason that there’s been a significant disconnect between the popularity of music personas within genres like hip-hop & rap is due to the audience. (Also, before moving on I want to acknowledge that other music genres also oftentimes have music personas but for the sake of this blog post, I’m going to dwell mainly on hip-hop.)

When I say audience I cautiously say individuals of color who are oftentimes ignored when mental health problems are discussed both within and outside of their respective communities. Talking about mental health is something I’d argue has recently started to become normalized but only within specific socio-economic & ethnic categories. When delving into the problems that the countless communities of color face, discrimination, alienation, or even socioeconomic disparity quickly come to mind but sadly enough mental health is something that is oftentimes left on the back burner.

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