At what point will I learn how to use my time wisely.

Am I good with time management? No. Have I improved on managing my time in the last three years of college. Maybe. Unfortunately, being pre-med requires you to create a schedule that allows you to study for all of your pre-med stuff like MCAT, Bio, physics, and etc; however, I totally forgot about placing time for myself.

In a way, I think I am good at managing time, but I am not great at making it efficient and consistent, which is something college students should definitely know how to do before coming to college. So when will I learn how to use my time wisely?

Honestly, I am not sure. I don’t think anyone has a perfect schedule. Everyone lacks one little thing in there schedule like no time for conversations, or studying for other classes, or even sleep! So, overall, I believe that time management is a learning process. It takes mistakes and progression, and an acknowledgment of those mistakes and progress.

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  1. Hi Gabriel,
    I believe being realistic about how you deal with time management is a true sign of maturity and something that I am personally curious about for you is how did you come to this realization? Was it through your experience balancing the work that comes with being pre-med or just a natural realization that you gained as you got older? It’s very intriguing to me because I believe that a large part of maturing in life comes from being able to detect your weakness and strengths.

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