Buddha type reflection

Rhyme Scheme, vocal delivery, brain storming, emotional content, such loaded topics that I never thought that I’d learn about when I took this course that I know have a slight grasp on.

My biggest desire I wanted from this course was to gain something different then my other writing courses, something beyond conventional writing tips and I can safely say at this point that I’ve gained it.

I’ll admit that I could of been a wayyy – emphasis on the way – better student in general, but the way that this class impacted me was damn near magical honestly.

When I write music, I feel like I have a voice.

Not saying that I don’t have a voice now but if you hear me in real life – unfortunately if you are currently reading this blog post you’ve probably never heard the real me talk as well – its scripted and polished for me to get what I want and to avoid conflict. But when I write music and can grab conflict from the horns and sometimes even actively seek it.

I hope I write music after this course. I’d like to say that this class has established music writing as a solid avenue for me to get my feelings out but honestly I’m worried that this oasis of freedom could be lost as I fall back into the rutt of things next semester, but I will say this as someone still currently in the moment of enjoying making music –

damn has it been fun.

2 thoughts to “Buddha type reflection”

  1. I totally agree with the notion that this class has stood out compared to any other writing class I’ve taken. Like you mentioned, I have grown as a writer in ways that I couldn’t have even anticipated coming into this class. As we move forward and have to make time for ourselves to continue exploring these interests, I also worry that my time-management might fail me. But, for right now, let’s just celebrate that we did it! This class has been a whirlwind, and in order to grow in the first place, we had to open ourselves up to the uncomfortable, unknown territory of new types of writing. As we move onward, making time for this type of dedication may be challenging and new to us, but it might also allow us to grow in ways we can’t even currently anticipate. That’s pretty cool. Here’s to a lot more exploration and growth!

  2. I relate so much with your post in terms of the freedom you feel with writing music because that is exactly what dance is for me. Although I’m someone who doesn’t stop talking, a lot of my spoken words are heavily filtered; it’s different in dance for me because I can delve into the experience and truly get in tune with my emotions. I’m so glad that this class opened up music writing as a venue for you; I’m sure you will create some amazing works of art!

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