Far but Meaningful (close): Classical Music

For art to mean something, it has to be close to you in some form; at least that’s what I think. It’s much harder to care about someone that you don’t know compared to someone you are very close too. That’s why this prompt is interesting. It is asking for art to be far away but for it to mean something as well. I interpret this is the art must in some aspect be far away from me but in another be extremely close.  On the other hand it can also mean out of all the art that is so far distant from me, which of those mean anything at all. I don’t really want to write about art I don’t care about so I will write about art which is close and far. 

Classical music immediately comes to mind. It is close because I have a long history with classical music. However it is distant because it’s so very old. In the fifth grade I started learning violin as a school requirement. Soon after, I started private lessons. I toured Europe, had an amazing high school orchestra experience, then after high school I stopped practicing. It’s a classic story I hear from many of my friends who played instruments, string, woodwind, it doesn’t really matter what, throughout their precollege days.

Although I don’t practice violin anymore (I would really like to start again), I still regularly listen to classical music. As life continues and I experience more things, classical music increases in meaning. As a kid it’s hard to sit through an hour of classical music. And at least for me, it didn’t really mean much. Playing was fun but listening … not so much. There was no weight behind the music; no emotional connection. Some of it sounded good and some of it sounded bad. The connection was very monotone. Throughout college, classical music has begun to take on some weight: some emotional value. It’s easier to connect to feelings of grandeur, pain, sadness, wonder, and all the other emotions. With age hopefully comes experience. With experience hopefully comes understanding. With understanding means a greater enjoyment of classical music (for me).

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