Here it is…

Hi all!

It’s done! My Capstone project, Ethical Librarianship: Conceptualizing Occupational Concerns as a Prospective Librarianship, is finally complete.

Do you have a deep appreciation for the library system and wonder what kinds of ethical and political concerns those in the field deal with every day? Are you curious as to why someone would choose this career path? Are you thinking about this career path yourself? For insight, listen to my three audio essays in which UMich librarians/archivists and I discuss these questions and concerns.

As you peruse my site, send some good thoughts my way. This has been my last wonderful semester as a University of Michigan undergraduate student. I graduate this week, start my brief hiatus from school, and await grad school application decisions. I send good thoughts to all of you as fellow Minors in Writing. You’ve got this!

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