I just checked Twitter and now I’m furious

Hi again. My website is published, my podcasts are recorded, and I’m working on my three other finals I have due Monday.

Then I see this tweet from Donald Trump on Twitter:

I wish I had this tweet when I was recording the second episode of my podcast, “Gaslighting as a form of oppression.” Here, Trump is telling a 16-year-old female climate activist that she has anger management problems and that she needs to “chill.” He’s claiming that her passionate fight for climate justice is too emotional, too angry, and that she needs to “relax.”

This project has made me realize the horribly oppressive system Donald Trump constantly partakes in: gaslighting. And the attempted outcome? Silencing future young female voices.

I know tweets, stories and comments from him (and other powerful men) will regularly pop up on my feed. And now, after this project, I’ll be hyperaware of what those comments are doing. The worst part is I’m just sitting here, behind my laptop, trying not to rip my hair out.

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