I knew someday I’d get here…

After so many weeks (thirteen? fourteen? I’ve lost count) of thinking about my capstone project and wondering what it’s final form will be, I’m finally putting it all together on a project website.

What a relief it is to realize that this whole time I was really creating something cohesive and fully formed! I wasn’t so sure for a while. But making something public-facing kind of forces you to get there, I think.

My website features three complete audio essays, a nice About Page, and some pretty cool bios (my case studies are incredible people, please see for yourself when I launch the website!). The color scheme is reminiscent of a public library– just what I was going for.

The project is wrapping itself up, and I do feel as if it’s been pulling me along throughout the semester, not the other way around. Making a project site, where this work will live as long as the internet does, is a sure sign that I’ve accomplished something. Things are starting to feel complete.

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