I thought I was done with perfectionism, then I started the gateway project.

Ah, perfectionism. Here we go again. Spending endless hours trying to find the “perfect” picture for my blog posts and the “perfect” background color with the “perfect” amount of image opacity. But I know somewhere in my mind that perfection is an unattainable goal and I shouldn’t even try to create a perfect project, because I won’t.

This doesn’t mean I won’t try to create something great and unique, but I won’t be obsessed by the idea that it MUST be perfect in order for me to be satisfied with myself. Because there is a the difference between perfectionism and striving for excellence.

Perfectionism for me is about trying to create or do something that will help me feeling accepted, recognized and praised. It’s a way of trying to get approval from others to feel that I’m good enough. Healthy striving instead is trying to create something with passion and soul, something that I’m proud of and something that reflects who I am.

Creating this project made me realize how much perfectionism gets in the way of creativity. And even though I’m trying to create the best gateway project that I could possibly make, I know it is not going to be perfect. And it doesn’t have to be.

3 thoughts to “I thought I was done with perfectionism, then I started the gateway project.”

  1. I think what you said about “how much perfectionism gets in the way of creativity” is super on point, but not something I had really focused on before. I would consider myself a perfectionist before I would consider myself a super creative person. Maybe that is just the way I am, or maybe one exists at the expense of the other. Do you think it is possible for both to exist in the same sphere?

    1. Hi Elle, I think they could exists in the same sphere, but in that case creativity would take another meaning. Perfectionism has a lot to do with how others perceive you, so if you’re a perfectionist you create something that you know others would approve. But if you create without perfectionism getting in the way, you can have the freedom to create without the “fear” of other people’s disapproval. Creating without perfectionism gives you the permission to create without the constant self-judgement or the feeling of not being good enough. I think this project was a lot about giving yourself permission to write, even though you’re not an expert in what you’re writing about. Giving yourself permission to write also allows you to make mistakes (not for perfectionists) and learn from them.

  2. Hi Giulia,
    As I’m wrapping up working on my website, I really do feel you when it comes to this idea of perfection with my own final project. For me personally it’s been more on the side of the music that I’ve been working on through out this course when it comes to the beats that I use or the delivery of my vocals but it is very revealing to me that regardless of how different our final projects are, we still have very clear similarities.

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