I work best when…

As a writer and student in general, I think I work most productively when I plan out my process/timeline. In this class, Ray had us make a production timeline for the final project, and I found that those weekly goals kept me grounded. As the semester gets closer to the end, every week seems to get more stressful and busy, so having plans for this class project set out a month in advance gave me some structure to fall back. Granted, there were continuous changes and edits to the timeline, but I accounted for this and made sure to give myself some leeway to catch up on potentially time-consuming tasks. This combination of freedom for exploration/growth and my own personal work structure made this one of the most positive class experiences I’ve had. I’ve been able to explore a topic I’m passionate about and have let it lead me wherever feels right. That being said, I was able to craft some clear guidelines for myself and my work, and I learned how to be more grounded when presented with such an open topic. It’s not like every project I do has to be outlined in a clear timeline, but having it there to personally lean on makes doing the work in a sufficient amount of time much easier. I’ve always been one to plan out my steps before completely jumping into a project, but in college, it becomes a little more difficult as you are balancing so much of your schoolwork with every other element of your life. And I know everyone says this, but, in college, I work better when I have a somewhat tighter timeline since I have no choice but to maximize efficiency and find the core focus of a project. While it would obviously be nice to have unlimited time to complete a school project, I worry that I wouldn’t be motivated enough to ever finish it or do it in a concise, effective way if there wasn’t something grounding me to a specific deadline or objective. I find that this fear only persists in schoolwork, as I have no problem making time for the things that I love, like art, outside of class. When I’m working on something more formal that is being graded, that is when I need to enforce some type or objective or plan for myself.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    I definitely do feel you when I sit down and reflect on how much growth this class has been able to facilitate for me and some key points that you talked about (the lack of grades for example), have been avenues that have allowed me to not be afraid of failing and have led me to really push past some self implemented writing limitations. I also do heavily relate to you when you mentioned that you work better when you have strict deadlines because for me when it comes to ambiguity in regards to deadlines, it causes a lot of self-inflected stress because I don’t have clear measures of complete a project should be.

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