Introducing MOVEpwr

It’s so hard for me to grasp what this day represents. A day that always seemed so far away is finally here. It’s bizarre, to say the least.

So here it is: my labor of love. MOVEpwr. This site is a representation of me at this very moment. An amalgamation of my passions in one place, and the way they intersect with each other. More than anything, it answers the question How is movement healing? whether that’s in regard to the neurobiology of the brain, the way people with disabilities can move, what yoga is, or another wildly fascinating topic that combines science with the practically magical power of movement. Read my informative articles, blog, and more at my website (!!!):

My website really is the product of an entire semester of work. But also, as I prepare to come to terms with the fact that I have finished my undergraduate career at Umich, I realize it is much more than that. It is the product of three and a half years of back-breaking, stress-inducing classes at this university. It is the product of 16 years of formal education, falling in love with learning and curiosity. And it is also the product of 21 years and 11 months of living a life of passion. Loving dance. Being broken. Wanting to help others. I am so proud to have this project be a representation of who I am right now, who I have carefully crafted myself to be. 

Thank you, T, my classmates, Sweetland, and everyone who has encouraged me to follow my passions. And thank you University of Michigan, for an undergrad experience I’ll never forget. Forever and ever go blue.

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