Love What You Do.

No, seriously. You need to love your thoughts, and everything that comes along with them. They aren’t bad, they aren’t scary…just a little hectic at times.

I started out the Capstone thinking I wanted to talk about my OCD. And while I had spent endless hours in therapy talking it over, I didn’t think I was comfortable projecting that to a whole audience of people. I didn’t love the idea. And even though my classmates seemed to really enjoy it, after I mulled it over…I was exhausted. I didn’t want to make my OCD into a project for other people, because it was still a mental struggle for me every single day.

So I picked something a bit lighter, a bit funnier, and something that allowed me to shut my brain off for a while

A podcast. That required a bit more editing than I was expecting (thanks to my friends for wanting to talk to me for more than 15 minutes about high school and sex).

I found that through picking a project I actually cared about, a topic I actively thought about, the more I realized I loved what I was doing.

The more you overthink every little thing you possibly could do for your Capstone, the more likely your idea is going to turn into something that someone else wants, not what you want. My project centered around a thing I wished I had: advice from someone about love, and sex, when you’re 14 and wishing the world was just a little less annoying when it came to being in a relationship. And I ran with that. I thought long and hard about who that girl was, and how disappointed she was in herself for not “getting the guy” by the time she entered her first year of college.

She needed that advice I had for her now. I wanted her to have that. And I wanted that for other people, who maybe felt the same, or were struggling with similar issues. But it came from a place, one I knew and felt comfortable in. Because it was something I thought about a lot. Those are where you best projects come from: things you think about a lot. And even though I’m nervous about where this project will take me in the future, and the potential people who might listen to it…I can say that I’m proud that I chose this direction.

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