Measuring Happiness- A Documentary

Hi Everyone!!!

I am so so excited to share my capstone project and site with you all!

When I was trying to decide what kind of project to do for my capstone, I knew I wanted to do something with film because I love making short videos. This whole process was very daunting to me because I had never made a video over 8 minutes long (and that 8 minute video was the first video I ever made- aka not very good), never took any film/editing courses, and did not have any other film related capstone projects to model after. I was exploring a completely new space for myself, and the Minor in Writing.

After a full semester of stress and running around with film equipment, editing, crying because I thought my documentary was going to be boring, and watching footage over and over until I could practically recite what my interviewees are saying– I am proud to say that I have gotten 15 interviews of over 3 hours and 30 minutes of footage, into a documentary under 41 minutes!

So if you’ve got 41 minutes, are bored over Winter Break, and/or are considering creating a documentary for your capstone project- check out my project!

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