My favorite part of English 220

Looking back at this semester I can honestly say English 220 was my favorite class I took, which given that the other classes I was taking was biochem and animal physiology, you can see the outlet I needed for creativity and English 220 supplied that outlet.

I think I enjoyed English 220 so much because it wasn’t structured like any class I’ve ever taken. It gave the student so much more opportunity, but also responsibility for their own growth. As the student, I had to come up with what goals I had for my project and come up with a timeline of due dates for it in order to keep myself accountable.

I also enjoyed English 220 because Professor McDaniel always challenged my train of thought. He would open up class with a question that each student had to answer and this not only helped me to learn more about the other students in the class, but I also found myself learning more about myself. The questions weren’t your average icebreaker questions and I appreciated that!

Overall the class challenged me and any previous creativity limits I thought I had. I am proud of the project I have completed and I can’t wait to see what the other students have created in this class.

One thought to “My favorite part of English 220”

  1. Hi Emily, first of want to thank you for your post! I agree with you when it comes to how much enjoyment I’ve gained from being a part of this class, because looking back at the creative freedom that I’ve had is something that I’ve never experienced in any other class. I’ve also been able to really question my news habits through our dialogue within class and it’s really made me grown as an individual.

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