Nice Guys Finish Last

Having the last final of all your friends is tough. Finals aren’t easy for anyone, but when you have to go home to a house that gets emptier every passing day, and one by one lose study companions until it’s just you and you alone, well, that’s lonely. I live in a house with seven other guys, and needless to say there is always somebody making noise somewhere. That is, until now.

You don’t appreciate things like coming home to your housemates hanging out in the living room, playing FIFA or watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, beckoning me to join. Things like eating and studying with friends, even when you don’t talk to anyone, provide a sense of companionship and support. The short walk home from the library after a long day of studying is far longer with no one to talk about arbitrary everyday struggles and happenings.

I recognize these truths the most now, having walked alone into a silent house, after studying and eating alone. But then I also realize that someone always has to have the latest final, someone has to be the last one done. And whoever that is has to deal with the same circumstances, so maybe it’s ok that it’s me and none of my friends have to face these circumstances.

Which brings me to my final conclusion—Michigan should align the deadlines and exam dates of students with those of their friends, so we can all finish together and nobody has to finish the semester alone. I feel like we pay enough in tuition for them to hire someone to do the logistics on that, right? Until that day comes, I suppose there will always be someone left behind.

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