Reducing my simplicity

At this point in working on my project I have most of the research completed and I am working on designing the website. I have learned a lot more about how to use Wix and I feel comfortable with it, but I still find myself struggling with the actual formatting and design of the website. I feel like I need to take an interior design class and then come back and work on this project, then I might be able to better choose colors, fonts, images, etc, better.

I would label myself as a creative writer, but not a creative person in general. I love coming up with stories and writing, but when it comes to anything artsy I have never excelled and I think that is why I am struggling with this part of the project. I am a pretty simple person; my closet is mostly full of black, white or grey, except for my wide array of shoes (shout out to my shoe shopping addiction)… anyways, even though I am satisfied with simplicity, I still want to get better at this process of website design. I really want my website to showcase my project exactly how I intended it to be portrayed when I wrote it.

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