Revised Preface/Reflection of My Project

My project initially began as an investigation into the neuroscience of dreaming, well technically the neuroscience of abnormal dreams. However, early on during my research I started asking questions relating to subjectivity vs objectivity. Eventually, before I even realized it, I found myself at a mind numbing intersection between science and philosophy. But by that point, there was no turning back.

​I had inadvertently produced something which dealt with a topic I always steered clear from. The mind-body problem. Mind vs matter. I never felt like dealing with all the profound questions that can’t be tested or confirmed.

​This entire process, more than anything else, taught me about what I don’t know. There’s no answer in the end, only a better formed idea of what the question is. It’s actually a bit poetic in the sense that that’s essentially what science is. Questions that reveal bigger questions.

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