The End

Its funny how my project title is called the end and here we are at the end of another semester. This project was a good idea, stressful, yet fun all at the same time. Just like a reflection of my college life, it sounds good at first then when you start it’s like “what did I get myself into”. I am definitely not a videographer that’s for sure, but I do have a story to tell and I did it to my best ability.

Telling my story and being vulnerable was very hard especially considering the fact that I had to go back and revisit such a dark time for myself. Looking back, it’s refreshing to be able to revisit the past and be able to look at it with such a positive and hopeful outlook. Technology malfunctions and roadblocks aside, this was very cool to make and is the longest video i’ve ever made and It took a lot of courage(and patience) to do this. My peers, and T definitely helped push me to make this project better when I felt like I had lost inspiration for it. Maybe one day when I finally have the resources to make this production into the hollywood film I have planned in my head the director can use this as a foundation. But for now this is what the project is and I am very pleased with it, it came a long way.

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