The essence of communication

When I tell people I am pre-med, they say,

” Wow, bro that’s rough. I would hate to major or minor in something science-related. Swag.”

Well, although it is rough, the pre-med track doesn’t necessarily require a student to choose a science-related major. In fact, you can pretty much study anything (to an extent). You still have to take science courses to prepare for the MCAT, so you’re not completely off the hook. I am studying Cellular & Molecular Biology, and I am minoring in Writing (obviously).

I decided to minor in writing after my experience with the health system last year. I had become under the weather (more like a tsunami) and had to go to UHS. Not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting to be healed right away (it was UHS); however, at the same time, I wasn’t expecting to go to the hospital for SiX mOnThS straight. I am not going into specific details, but something I learned from this experience was that the physicians and nurses had poor communication with me. They had been communicating with me, but were they really? The essence of communication from certain perspectives is to just inform others.

This can be seen as good if you are providing information relevant to the situation. For example, if you are shopping at Toys R Us (RIP) and you bought a toy, you might want to know if they accept card or cash, or how much you owe for the toy. Other information, like the cashier explaining every little thing he/she is doing, is irrelevant, and okay to leave out of the conversation. Other conversations, where the communicator may view some information as irrelevant to him/her, require a statement/explanation on some of this irrelevant information.

This is what happened to me, and why it took 6iX mOnThS for the doctors to tell me what was actually wrong with me.

Returning back to the main point, the essence of communication isn’t to just inform but it is to inform others with the knowledge essential for their well-being or sanity. I don’t to be just a doctor,I want to be a good one. To me, communication is really important and I want to be able to communicate clearly in a verbal and written manner.

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