The hardships of Detroit that I never knew about

It is hard to imagine what it is like being impoverished. In a world where people are buying the newest iPads and the next Google Pixel, we tend to forget about the unfortunate. Detroit is an area that, in the last two decades, has suffered from economic, environmental, and social problems.

After joining my organization’s board, I became more interested in making Detroit a better place, as well as making Detroitians healthier and more health-conscious; however, I never really understood how difficult it was for these people to not only survive but thrive. It didn’t come to me until starting the first few experiments.

I started to learn more about the hardships that some of these people had to face. Most recently, I found out that only 13% of people in Detroit have received a flu shot! A flu shot! It isn’t because of laziness or tiredness. It is because they cannot afford it. When I finished my first experiment, I realized how impoverished the lives of these people really were. It was devastating to read that the average per capita income in Detroit was $20,000. With that much money, (taking into account food, insurance, car, gas, taxes and etc.) you would be lucky to afford a flu shot for just yourself. If you had a wife or a child, you wouldn’t even afford it!

I never knew how hard it was for these people to become more health-conscious. Hopefully, my final project will make sense of what is going on, and at the same time, enlighten the minds of those who can change our society.

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