The smelly smell

This is pretty much a part two to the previous post I made, The only reason why I made it into two posts was that I decided to do 15 posts in like three days. Honestly, I need good grades or I will definitely not getting into med school, so guess I have to grind it all out.

The last thing I did in my trip to Detroit was something I completely forgot to do in the beginning. As I was returning my friend back home, I was on I-75 South. As I was getting closer to one of the bridges in Detroit, I decided to crank down the heat. My father always did that. I started to think why, then it hit me! I realized I was going past the refinery! The one place I definitely needed a picture of. I yelled at my friend to take a video or picture of the refinery and he did so. As he was doing that, I started to get this weird smell in the car. I realized I didn’t fully crank down the heat. This led to an increase in refinery odor in the car. I had to honestly hold my breath because it was that bad.

Right when we passed the refinery, I took a large breath of fresh air and thanked God the smell wasn’t in the car. I started thinking for a bit and thought of the thousands of people that live by the refinery. Not only do they have to smell that stuff every day, but they also have an increased risk of gaining certain diseases and complications.

I was just thinking, “man, this sucks.” My friend had the same feeling, and I just wanted to understand why nothing has been done to help these people. I mean, someone has to do something, right? Then I realized that this refinery has been here for a century. It hit me that these big refineries value money and wealth over survival and health. In fact, the refinery was just recently hit with a $100,000 fine for not following environmental and health concerns.

These are good people and they are living in a toxic environment. This trip taught me a lot about Detroit and the problems it has been facing.

I guess if no one is going to do anything, then I’ll do it myself.

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