The things you don’t see

Working on this project made me realize how much work goes into building a website. I was probably being very naive, but before this class I had never asked myself how websites were made or how to even start building one. It’s crazy how when we’re used to see or use something, we don’t really ask ourselves how is that thing made or where it came from. It’s like when you go to the grocery store, you don’t really ask yourself where your pineapples come from, how they were made or who brought them from the farm to the store. There’s so much work that goes unnoticed and there are people behind almost every thing we consume, from the pineapples to the website.

Working on this project also made me a more critical consumer of websites. Even though I’m not a website designer expert by any means, when I visit a new website now I notice things. I don’t only look at the content like I used to do, but I also look at the layout, the colors, how easy it is to navigate and all the stuff I learned by working on my project.

What I feel like saying after building my own website is… shoutout to all the website designers out there! I can’t really know who they are, but now I see their work.

One thought to “The things you don’t see”

  1. This is so true! I’m always in awe of how intricate and polished the websites I visit are and I can’t fathom how much attention and effort went into making them that way. Even though this wasn’t my first time using Wix, I still have so much trouble doing even the simplest transformations; you’re completely right that there is so much unseen work that is put into every website. This is also really interesting because there is so much you can do with a website and so many ways a designer can show their creative minds. I think it comes with a lot of practice and getting comfortable with your platform and how you want to express your voice!

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