When do you learn to use your time wisely?

well, if you are asking when will we finally learn how to use time to be productive on work for school, I hope that the answer to that is never. I think that it is important to work hard in school, however I think it is more important to live life moment by moment. As I get older, I feel like I realize more how my choices so directly affect me. And I think I am also realizing how fast life goes by, it’s crazy to think that I only have one year left of college!

I think sometimes it is okay to not be worried about getting all your homework done if it means you are exchanging that productive work time for productive life time. By “productive life time” I mean time that you spend with family and friends or take time to spend on yourself- whether that be working out, making your favorite meal, taking a bath…whatever it is, do that every once in awhile.

I think that students at universities like UofM can get hyper focused on academics and over stress. So honestly, for these students I hope they never learn how to use their time wisely, because in those moments when we might not be “using our time wisely,” we are having funa and taking part in those little silly moments that we hold onto for way longer than anything we will ever learn in school.

One thought to “When do you learn to use your time wisely?”

  1. Hi Emily,
    Whole heartily agree with you when it comes to how time management is viewed within our university can be actually to the detriment of our current experience. It’s very rare for me personally to just think about enjoying the moment because my mind is usually in the clouds plotting about the future or reminiscing on the past. Being able to just be conscious of the present is something that I’m personally trying to work on myself.

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