Working in Adobe


Editing in the project done using the adobe suite, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects. I barely used aftereffects for this project (aftereffects is a visual effects program in the Adobe Suite). Most of my editing was done in Premiere, another adobe application used for basic video editing (sound modification, cutting clips, color correction, etc.). I found that Premiere had a much lower skill ceiling than aftereffects. By the end of the editing process, I became well oriented with the workflow on Premiere even though there is still a lot of things to learn. I believe by the end of the project, I had achieved a basic understanding of what Premiere has to offer. 

Aftereffects, on the other hand, is still almost a complete mystery to me. I can confidently say aftereffects has a lot of depth — more depth than premiere pro. I barely scratched the surface of what is possible in Aftereffects. Although, my perception of aftereffects may just come from the fact I didn’t use it all that much for this project. Then again, there are things I have seen people do in aftereffects that I have no idea how to accomplish; on the other hand, at this point I can pick out what people are doing in an editing software like Premiere, so there probably is a great deal more depth in aftereffects than Premiere. This brings me to another point; after spending time editing this video, I am much more cognizant of what other people are doing in the editing process now; it is no longer such a mystery to me.

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