Writing 220: A reflection

Not going to lie, I didn’t expect the gateway to be like this. I was expecting this to be an English class, which is what I thought I wanted.

In the end, I realized that I didn’t want an English class. The purpose of writing to me isn’t to just write but to speak. I want the words that I write to speak for myself. I was surprised by our professor’s teaching methods, but I am grateful for I would have never have realized the true meaning of writing.

The experiments allowed me to dig deep into different genres and see how effective and accessible they were to people. It showed me that a really long article isn’t going to get people to get up and want to change the world. It takes a more efficient way of writing. A more emotional, connective type of writing to get into the minds of the audience. Through words, an idea can spark a connection that can be created and this, in the end, can create a realization.

I learned more about myself in the process as well. I learned that I do at one point of my career want to be able to combine writing techniques and biological techniques together, in hopes that I will inspire the lives of many, and change the lives of the unfortunate.

Being a good doctor is something I envision of doing when I get older, but changing the lives of many is what I ambition and dream of doing all my life.

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