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It is great to be back in the Writing Minor community. Although I’ve technically been a part of it since the Gateway course, I haven’t taken a writing class since, and spent a semester abroad. I’m excited to get back into writing, and to work on the Capstone project with support and advice from my peers. For my pitches, I thought of four fairly different ideas, but all projects that I’ve thought about pursuing personally over my four years at Michigan.

After discussing ideas with Alexis, I gained some new ideas on how I can expand upon my ideas further. My first pitch is to create a photo essay about the struggles of transitioning out of college as a senior; I would interview other seniors at Michigan about their post graduate plans, and how they came to the decisions that they made. I find that scrolling on LinkedIn has become such a ‘thing’ senior year (I know I do it all the time), but I tend to see the same types of things again and again, another one of my peers has accepted a high paying job at a large company. This is great and exciting for these individuals, but I also wonder about what everyone else is doing, the people that aren’t posting about it on LinkedIn. I think it would be enticing for college students to read, particularly seniors, to know that there is no ‘better’ or ‘right’ path to take upon graduation, we are young, and pursuing what’s right for you is most important.

My next idea was to do something involving letter writing; one of my friends took a letter writing class here that I wish I could’ve taken, so I thought it would be a fun thing to explore for my capstone project. In class yesterday discussing our ideas, I thought of some potential ways I could utilize letter writing in my project. One idea I came up with in discussion was to send letters to the different places I’ve lived, both here on campus and back home in Cleveland. It would be interesting to see who now calls my Oxford dorm room, room in my sorority house, and apartment home as I once did, and how our relationships with these spaces are similar and different. Another idea I had in class was to write letters to the ten people in my life that I text the most; I’m interested to see how our communication changes and what new things I can learn about my closest friends and family from letter writing. I came up with one of these new ideas in the middle of our class discussion, and another when talking to Alexis. I love taking the time to unpack our ideas and discuss them in class, because the ideas of others often spark new ideas for my own work.

The last idea I discussed with Alexis was a collection of poems/short pieces of writing/illustrations inspired by Mari Andrew, one of my favorite writers/artists. I would want to chronicle the past, present, and future of my life in this project and create content that others could relate to. This idea was very similar to a few of Alexis’ ideas, and it was great to connect and share what we were both looking to accomplish and reflect on in our projects.

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  1. I love your ideas so far!! I feel like they are super personal and original. The letter one seems super cool. I’m particularly drawn to the idea of writing letters to 10 of your closest friends and family and comparing that to everyday texting. I think that would impactful given the digital age that we are in. I also love your first idea as it is so relatable and timely this semester. I think a lot of seniors would find meaning from it!

  2. Hi Sydney! I am really interested in your idea about writing letters to people now living in places where you used to live. Last year before a football game, two women knocked on my door and said they used to live in my house when they were students. They walked around the house and reflected on memories they had made in the house and how it had changed over the decades. It was very fun to hear about their experiences. Your idea reminded me of this and I think it could potentially start some really interesting conversations!

  3. I really love all of these! I think that your first idea would have such a strong audience because it is such a relatable topic and something that people crave. I think that your idea of letters to past spaces you lived in is super unique and intriguing. I found myself already wanted to know what would happen and what you would learn from that.

  4. I used to live in Oxford too lol

    I think a lot of this stuff is super personal which I like, a lot of self-discovery here which is awesome for senior year. And I think it’s very true, especially with LinkedIn (think social media) that people tend to post all their accomplishments and only one side of themselves that causes others to feel stressed or less accomplished… but likewise, also exploring the voices behind those who do post since on a surface level appearance of their post everything might seem OK but how are they doing personally, etc.? Mental health kind of thing. I personally don’t post any of my accomplishments on LinkedIn, so I think it’d also be interesting to explore that kind of stuff. The letters I also think is awesome, especially in senior year when everyone is moving on, etc., seeing how people are doing and reconnecting to see how things change in (what feels like a long time) 3 years or so. Pretty cool stuff!


  5. I love all your ideas, but the first one grabbed me as something super interesting and adaptable. Also … very relatable. The reality is that for every person who posts one of those on LinkedIn there are at least five others who aren’t, and telling their stories in a fun, interactive, creative way would be really cool, I think.

  6. Sydney,

    It is so great to be writing in the same blog stream as you––it’s been a while! Also where did you go abroad???

    I think your ideas for the Capstone are so fun, nostalgic, forward looking and backward looking. It makes it so intriguing and personal that readers would be drawn to whichever you choose! Even though you haven’t decided yet, I think it is really clear (and wise!) that you have a target audience! It’ll help you think about who you want to appeal to, and what you want your message to be!

    A poem lover, I have bias and vote for the last idea!!

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