My Project

A lot has happened with my project since I last posted here. My idea has stayed pretty much the same, but I’ve gone through a lot of different ways to do this in my head, and I’ve landed on doing it almost the same way that I originally envisioned it. Sometimes that happens I guess!

My capstone project will be a photo book. I’m recruiting feminists around campus right now. The plan is then to interview each feminist and take their photo. I’m then going to compile those photos into a photo book and include their answers from the interview on the opposite page.

I talked to T about the best way to do this project. The reason I thought this project was a good idea now is because of the upcoming election and how people are really sharing their views. Even with groups like liberals and feminists, everyone is trying to say that their way is the right way. So, I’m framing this whole project now based on the upcoming election. I’d really love to see people’s different viewpoints and how the election is informing those viewpoints.

I’m very nervous about getting enough participants for my photo book! I’m planning on drawing on my communities on campus for students and faculty to interview, because I really would like this to be a project that represents as many people as possible on U of M’s campus. I really, really hope that people will want to be a part of this, because the photo book can’t happen if people don’t want to be.

Now, I just have to do even more research about photo books and feminism. After spring break, I’m going to start taking photos and doing interviews! I’m hopeful that this is going to turn out, but nervous that it won’t. I’m focusing on the positive now!

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