Project Update! Am I ready for this?!

Woah. How is it already March. This semester is flying by way faster than I want it to. I’ve had a lot of confusion and ups and downs with my project. I decided on the subject first: White privilege and my experiences with it in the crazy world we live in. But finding the right medium and the right way to share my experiences and educate others is super super hard and confusing. I need to share my experiences and discomfort in the right way and it’s been SUPER tricky to navigate.

This is T to me as I try to explain to her my many conflicting ideas. Anyways. I think I made some headway today with T which is awesome!!!! So, I’m planning to either make a video essay or an audio essay (leaning toward video) and incorporating everyday moments when White privilege affects me and I don’t even realize it. The video shots will be taken on my phone and will be inspired my Peggy McIntosh’s “Daily Effects of White Privilege.” Over these images of my personal life and video shots I’ll be narrating and educating on White privilege and how to ben productive after learning about it. I’m hoping to open people’s eyes more, take others perspectives and show that if we can all shift our mindsets just a little bit, we notice a whole lot more about ourselves and others. And we are then able to live kinder and greater lives. Lots of hype but with more direction I’m excited to see where it goes and what you guys think at my workshop!!

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