a small taste of: myclosetedthoughts.

the color of shadows.

everything under the sun has a shadow. and each shadow is more or less the same color.

while i’m aware a shadow on red velvet starkly contrasts a shadow on your yellow sundress, the “shade” is still the same.

there has been a grain of black paint mixed into its complexion––how does one mix colors to find a shadow?

the more i think of it, the more shadows fascinate me. they are what give our world perspective. we are naturally attracted to how shadows fall and grow tall.

they are visible in the day and night, forever attached to everything and everyone. the shadows are everywhere when one looks around, and yet we don’t take time to acknowledge or appreciate.

one fails to notice them anymore because we know the shadows are there, but they don’t catch our eye. however, without them, our world would look flat and fake.

anyway, what interests me in life is not what is easily shown in broad daylight but what those shapes and hues look like in the shadows. what do your shadows look like? 

i’m not asking for your biggest darkest deepest secret, although i’ll listen if you’d like to share. ​no, i speak of who you are in the realm between light and dark. the indescribable color you emanate when this shade of life is part of you.

i am opening “my closet” doors, for people to read some of my closeted thoughts, fears, and secrets. my motive behind creating this with such personal content is to “come out” with a lot of different discoveries and thoughts i’ve crossed during my undergraduate career. i feel as though young college students and young adults today take less time revealing who they really are inside. understandably, being vulnerable leaves an opportunity to be judged or abandoned. but i envision that my vulnerability and bravery to open up in this first collection may encourage others to relate and partake in conversations. click here to read more: https://agalee.wixsite.com/myclosetedthoughts

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