Advice to Future Capstone Students

I began Capstone not knowing what to expect for my project. I wasn’t sure exactly what sort of topic to do, and I had done so many projects in so many other classes that I sort of thought what else can I do? It turned out that I followed something that I was passionate about and it turned out great in the end! 

I definitely didn’t envision spending the last day of class looking at my computer instead of in North Quad, but it actually turned out okay. As a graduate of online high school, I know that I prefer being in a classroom, but I also didn’t want to catch COVID-19. The transition for this class to online went pretty smoothly! We all shared our ideas in the same way that we would in the normal classroom, and class didn’t feel too different, other than my cat, Koa, coming to meow at me every so often. 

To future Capstone students: 

  • It might be overwhelming to have to jump right in to topics, but you will figure it out! 
  • Pick something that you’re passionate about or that you don’t get a chance to do a lot with in your other courses. I’m a Communication & Media major, so I’m constantly engaging with media in my courses. While I’ve done things with feminism and media, I rarely got to engage with only feminism. 
  • Change your project if you need to! While my topic stayed the same, I had to change the way I presented it due to COVID-19. I’m still proud of how it turned out. 
  • Get interviews done early if possible. I had a hard time getting people to respond to interviews, which might have had something to do with COVID-19, but it helped when I reached out to people early and gave them plenty of time. 
  • Don’t get overwhelmed — I know this is easier said than done, but it’s definitely easier to take a step back from your project and tackle one portion at a time than it is to try to tackle each part simultaneously. 
  • Most of all, try to enjoy creating your project! At the beginning, I felt like it would be so difficult, but I actually had a lot of fun putting time and effort into this project. 

Capstone is truly what you make it, and I know all incoming Capstone students can make it great! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! 

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