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So you’re about to embark on your capstone journey and have no idea where to begin…Or maybe you do have an idea but after the first class it all feels suddenly not feasible or too overwhelming…well I got something to share with you….that was me too!!

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But don’t worry, you will make it I promise. Here’s some advice on how to get through this semester no matter what obstacles lie ahead:

Having to shift to an online experience 2/3 into the semester at a time where things were starting to officially happen for myself with my project and the pressure was starting to increase definitely added a layer of complexity to my progress. I felt discouraged and demotivated and like my work just no longer felt relevant. But when that happens, my biggest advice to you is to find a way to make your work relevant. For me, as my piece is about my family, I found a way to shift my perspective and consider it as a gift to my parents who are healthcare workers and to my siblings who have been constant supports in my life. It was no longer about the project itself, it became something much more personal. And adding that personal level to it reignited my passion and motivation to continue working on it. So if you find yourself losing interest, find a way to change that for yourself, whether it be through restructuring the ultimate purpose of your piece, or reframe what it would mean for your audience or for you, or in another way entirely. Change can be really exhausting and cumbersome to accommodate, but it can also be very valuable. The shift to online courses led me to have much more space and time to put more focus on my Capstone, which is something I honestly am grateful for. So as much as it’s truly valid necessarily to recognize all the things that went wrong and how that impacted you…try to also look for the positives when something like this is happening. Because there can be pros and cons to every situation 🙂 

More generally my advice to you, writers, is Be patient with yourself. It’s okay to not know what you want the purpose of your piece to be until way later in the semester. It’s okay to write and scratch and write and scratch a million different times. It’s okay to feel uncertain. But keep pushing out content in whatever manner that is for you. Keep writing, keep talking about it with your friends or peers or mentors, whoever can help you draw more inspiration. Keep asking for feedback. hold yourself accountable. Schedule in your plans and goals. And most importantly, remember that this capstone can be so much more than a simple academic project if you choose it to be.

I hope this helped a little and I wish you all the very best in your own Capstone journey. there was a point in time when I genuinely didn’t think I could do this…and I survived. I know y’all can too!!

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