hello capstone friendos!

welcome to the club! you’ve probably never met me, as i don’t know who is reading this, but we have a few things in common, i already know. as i am leaving and you are entering, we are in our last class for our Minor.  we are undergoing a bizarre quasi-virtual reality because of this pandemic. but we are still here because we love what we do: we love to write. we love to create. we love to connect. and we love to read and learn. 

quite frankly, i don’t have a ton of advice because i’m sure you kind of know what you want to create in this project. by now, after experiencing different courses at U of M to complete the Minor, you have probably been exposed to all sorts of genres, and hopefully you have found your strengths and weaknesses, you know which topics interest you when you write––you have found a clearer sense of your voice. 

and so i can only say––like the former capstone friends told me when i was in your shoes now––trust the process. trust your mentors. utilize your resources. and most importantly trust yourself throughout the whole project. 

you will finish the project on time.

you will find the courage to interview someone.

you may feel like you don’t know what you want to do.

and you will probably change your mind a gazillion times along the way. i have, so have my classmates. and definitely everyone before you have as well. ebb and flow with trust.

i realize this is almost like a pep talk, and i honestly didn’t mean for it to come off this way. i just want to be that voice, advocating for you because i think most fear stems from this idea that you might not like what you created by the end of the semester, or it’ll not meet your standards. i sure feel that way, even when i have a few weeks left. but when you––and me too, i am almost speaking to myself now––care about something so much, you’ll create this beautiful thing that will stand its own, and it will even invite you later to create and build some more. Isn’t that the best part of what we do?

happy writing friendos!


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