Intro to Feminist Evolutions

After a long semester of work, I’m so excited (and nervous!) to debut my capstone project to the world.

“Feminist Evolutions” explores how people come to be feminists and how they perceive feminism today. I really became passionate about feminism in college, and I wanted to explore why that might have happened. This project was also inspired by the different versions of feminism that I had seen manifesting on campus, and how people were sometimes in conflict with their ideals.

The first part of my project is a photo essay about my own journey to becoming a feminist. I juxtaposed text and photos that meant something for my journey to becoming a feminist. The second part of my project is a collection of photos and interviews with feminists from around the campus of the University of Michigan who I know from various organizations. I hope to update the second section as time goes on, so it is a work in progress!

To T, thank you so much for giving me the flexibility to do this project, and working with me when my original plans got upended by the COVID-19 crisis. To all of my classmates, thank you for your support, encouragement, and advice along the way – the project wouldn’t be as great without all of your help!

Here’s the link to my website:

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