Skins of Dirt and Dust is now LIVE (get it?)

Hello, world.

I hope you’re having the best day possible, whenever and wherever you’re reading this. And if you’re not, I hope my project can help.

My Capstone project, titled Skins of Dirt and Dust, is a series of memoir essays (with cool pictures) that explore the muddled nature of life and how good and bad, beginning and end, life and death, etc. are all kind of wrapped up into one giant jumble that can be difficult to untangle. As such, I seek to work through what made certain bad times/endings difficult for me in my life, and then I seek to change my perspective on it – with you along for the ride.

So far, I’ve covered topics of grief and loss (the death of someone I loved), mortality and health (fearing for my life and struggling with ongoing health issues), disappointment and fear (COVID-19 and the end of my senior year of college – need I say more?), etc. I’m hoping to add another essay on hope and heartbreak (aka singleness) soon, but stay tuned. With any luck, this won’t be the last you’ll hear from me!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my website:

If you don’t like it, thanks for giving it a peek anyway, and you can stop reading now.

But if you do like it, yay! That means all the hard work I and my classmates (through workshops and other feedback sessions) put in to making this website the best it can be paid off. And for that, I am glad.

See, all about perspective.

Now, because I am truly exhausted and more than slightly delirious (and the assignments for this class are the last things I have to turn in for the entirety of my college coursework), please indulge me in saying a few more things before I sign off:

I want to thank T, Louis, and all my classmates for helping me put this project together. I want to thank my mom for helping me find pictures, look up dates I’d forgotten, and for making me oatmeal when I was too tired to think about anything other than this project (aka this morning after 1 hour of sleep).

I want to thank my Gateway classmates for kicking things off right, and I want to thank my Capstone classmates (again) for wrapping things up fittingly. Y’all were (and still are) the best. Thank you for being bright spots in this whole online-class/shutdown/quarantine mess.

In short: Love y’all. Miss y’all. Need sleep. Enjoy website! Goodnight, America.

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