So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

As my final chapter in the Sweetland Minor in Writing comes to an end, I wanted to introduce to you all what has been one of the most exciting projects I have ever had the opportunity to work on: Ad Evolution.

About the Site –

“Coming into this semester, I envisioned a sociohistorical analysis based project on advertising and with countless hours of research and help from professionals in the industry, I had the opportunity to follow that vision all the way through. Particularly, I wanted to understand the changes that advertising has undergone over the years. By analyzing a series of advertisements that were released over the years, I began to notice a pattern. The advertisements were not just staying the same, but they were instead evolving to correspond with the changing technology. With each new decade came bigger and better advertisements that responded to culture of the time. From the newspaper advertisements, to the Internet advertisements and everything in between, it was incredible to see how the course of history changed since advertising first began. I began to think of the industry as some sort of advertising evolution.

Ad Evolution was designed with these thoughts in mind. I had intended to both introduce audiences unfamiliar with advertising to the industry and to build upon the knowledge of those who already have experience with it. By combining two central ideas, the history of advertising and the creation of advertisements, I hoped that Ad Evolution would mimic the advertising website AdWeek, which more broadly touches on similar themes. I bounced ideas around that I found from navigating other popular sites like Ad Age and BusinessInsider, which helped me ground much of the information I present through the site. It is through this multimedia project that my questions were answered. Advertising is complex and is an industry that will constantly be evolving to respond to human behavior. Hopefully your questions will be answered through Ad Evolution too.”

The Sweetland Minor in Writing has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences that the University of Michigan has offered me. If you have any questions regarding the Capstone Course, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

LATEST NEWS: It’s All Coming Together

Now, over halfway through the semester, I can confidently say that my capstone project is comingtogether and I could not be happier about it. With my production plan always at the back of my mind, I have somehow managed to surpass the timeline I had estimated for producing the content for my website. As of today, I have completed what I expect to be the final blog post on advertising campaigns, as well as the formatting and layout of my site. Once I got moving on the first post, the others came naturally. Thankfully, I am researching a topic I am so passionate about that I never grew tired of the content I was reading, even if that meant spending a whole Sunday researching advertising from different brands.

Looking forward, there are three main components I still plan to add to my site, all of which will be found under the “About” tab located at the top of the page. The components are as follows: “About the Site,” “About the Author,” and “About a Professional.” The content for “About the Site” and “About the Author” will come from my introductory essay, once it is written. Here, I plan to detail how my project came to be and how my interest in advertising was initially sparked. This will give the site context, as well as credibility, as I do have experience in the industry. The “About a Profession” content will most likely be formatted as a question and answer sort of layout, as I plan to conduct an interview with my mentor when we meet. As a professor, Head of Social Engagement at an agency, TEDx Speaker and Cannes Lions Speaker, I expect my mentor’s experience with advertising and engagement to be extremely beneficial for aspects of this project.

Overall, my capstone project is headed in a positive direction. Once I receive feedback from my class during class workshop, and make any edits to my already existing content I think I will be in a very good place. I am looking forward to finishing out this semester strong and having a digital project to show for it.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Creating a Rubric for a Website You Haven’t Yet Created

This week in class, we were asked to create a rubric for our individual capstone projects, based off of rubrics we were given in previous classes. Luckily for me, many of my classes this semester are paper driven, so I have multiple rubric styles to draw on. Though my capstone project is not by any means a paper, the rubric I settled on from one of my current classes helped me create a solid format for my project to be graded off of. The rubric I created consisted of a grid style format, with six different categories to analyze for a grade. Each category (row) could be given an A, B, C or D/F grade (column) based on the quality of the work provided. The grid detailed what each category would look like in terms of the grade given. Each letter grade was then equated to a certain point value (0-4). In total, the website for my capstone project could earn a total of 24 points based off of my grading scale. Coming into class I felt confident that this would be a good format to use for the purpose of my capstone project.

After workshopping our rubrics and seeing what format my classmates chose to use for their individual capstone projects, I came across another rubric format that I think would work equally as well, if not better in assessing my website. Though I would still keep the same categories (rows) I have on my current rubric, the following two columns would list an explanation of that category and then a score. Within each explanation, I would use bullet points and would assign a point value to each point. The score would be a combination of the total number of points I would earn. The scores for each category would then add up to 100. By using this rubric format, I think I will better be able to break down the aspects of my website and how many points should be equated to those aspects. Because my project is still in the works, I struggle with assessing the number of points each bullet will have. For now, I will base the points off of the time commitment and level of commitment I am assuming each task will take. There is always room for revision if anything changes.

MiW Bloggers: What rubrics have worked best for you?

THIS WEEK’S ISSUE: Ad Evolution in the Making

As we move into week six of the semester, my capstone project is in the works, but with so much leftto be done. After project pitches and project proposals, I have settled on formatting my project based off of the design of the website Ad Week, a site I spend far too much time on. Though the content of my site will be entirely different than that of Ad Week, the blog style format with a navigation menu both at the top and right side of the site will organize the points of my capstone project in a clear, cohesive way.

Originally, when I proposed the idea of researching the evolution of advertising, I had planned to organize my site into four distinct pages: “History,” “Departments,” “Evolution” and “About.” After sitting down with my professor to discuss the aspects of my project, we came across the conclusion that the “History” and “Evolution” of advertising pages would become too similar in research and that the “Departments” of an advertising agency page would become a separate project in itself. After some thought, I have decided to remove the “Departments” and “Evolution” pages and go with a different approach.

Though I still plan to keep the “History” and “About” pages for context, upon entering my site, readers will be directed to a series of advertisements (in the blog format) on the landing page. If they click to “read more,” the advertisement will open, explaining specifically how that particular advertisement has progressed in its advertisements over the years. This, for example, could feature a Coca-Cola print advertisement from 1917 and a Coca-Cola digital advertisement from 2017 and explain how it has changed over the years, both in terms of creation and format.

Though these ideas are still very much so up in the air, this should allow me to fully engage with the pages of my site, making it more interactive for my readers by avoiding repetition and overwhelming content.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It: My Capstone Project Pitch

It feels good to be back. As a Communications Major and Writing Minor, I thought about what ideas would interest me the most to spend a semester researching and developing for my capstone project. After reminiscing on the past summer I spent interning at an advertising agency where I wrote and published articles for the company website, I was initially drawn to a capstone project on advertising. In addition to the writing I was assigned this summer, I had the opportunity to engage with media industries in an elective course for my major. The class required us to study the operation of media industries and eventually write a final paper on what we had learned. I ended the semester of that class writing a paper from the perspective of a professional at an agency, which is first how I became interested in this field.

For my capstone project, I pitched four ideas that were all variations of a topic within advertising. While none directly correlate with the paper I had written for my elective class or the writing I produced this summer, this work motivated me to pitch ideas in the same vein. After hearing feedback from my professor and classmates, I think I have a solid plan moving forward in my project. Ideally, I will walk viewers through an online site where I have created my own advertisement. It will begin with a client coming to an advertising agency and explaining what they are looking for, and it will end with the finished advertisement shared either online or in print – whichever works the best for my site. As of now, the only challenge I can see is with creating the advertisement. Since I have never created my own before from start to finish, I will need to do extensive research to make my capstone project the best it can be. I am looking forward to diving in.

come read about ME & my EPORTFOLIO!!

Hi Friends –Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.19.16 PM

With the semester coming to a close, I thought what better why to say goodbye (at least until the Fall) than to introduce my EPORTFOLIO. After countless hours of getting everything just right, I could not be more proud of all that I have accomplished throughout the Gateway course for the Minor in Writing. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment on my work, I couldn’t have made it this far without you. Though I will miss the Gateway course dearly, I am looking forward to all that the Minor in Writing program has left in store for me.

Feel free to take a look around at my work- I have included all of the projects I have written for the course on my ePortfolio. I would love to talk with you further if you are interested in seeing any other pieces not included on the page.

This semester truly has been an adventure, thank you all for sharing it with me. See you in the Fall!

Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days…

In two weeks I can officially say that I am halfway done with college. As happy as that should make me feel, I actually am quite overwhelmed and completely terrified of going into the “real world” in just two more years. Though I feel that I have learned SO much during my first two years at the University of Michigan, I know I still have a LOT to learn before I’m ready to graduate.

These past two years have flown by literally in the blink of an eye, this semester in particular. I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Sweetland Minor in Writing program and have almost completed the Gateway course. I have had to opportunity to explore so many new and exciting pieces of work, created by others and by myself. While I think back and smile at all the memories I have made throughout the course, I cannot help but wish I had time for more.

If I can give new admits to the Sweetland Minor in Writing any advice at all for the program, it is to never take your time for granted – you are limited. With constantly moving schedules, it can be hard to stop and just appreciate all that is going on around you. But I can guarantee that when you do, you’ll realize how much you’ve been missing out on and how much there is yet to explore. The Gateway courhourglassse is about challenging yourself and making the best of all the opportunities you are given. Come to class everyday with an open mind and be willing to learn. While I tried my best to remember these few pieces of advice that I had read on a blog post earlier in the semester, I failed to realize how quickly time moved out from under me.

As I make my way through the remaining courses for the Minor, I hope to keep these few thoughts in mind in order to better myself and my writing, as well as the other writers in the program and their writing too. We all have the opportunity to explore our potentials, let’s take advantage of that.

iMovie to the Final Stages of Project III

For Project III I decided to repurpose my article “Make Your Commencement Count” on The Huffington Post into a video. As of now, the video is coming together surprisingly well. I was a little hesitant at first to use iMovie because I had only worked with it a few times in the past, but it proved to be a great source for this project – even after the countless hours I spent making edits on it.

Throughout my video, viewers are exposed to five key pieces of advice that I recommend to anyone who is giving a commencement address. They were the same five pieces of advice that I used in my article and worked very well for the type of video I was going for. Several different clips from well-known commencement speakers are joined together to give viewers examples of Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.24.40 PMthe points I am trying to make. Each video includes the speaker’s name, and what he or she has done to become so well-known. I have also included classic commencement music in the background of the entire video so that each video flows well from one to the other and so that there is music playing during the parts of the video where the advice rolls across the screen. Credits (works cited) follow the video once it has ended.

From here on out, only minor changes need to be made to my video. I may include the name of each school that each video clip takes place at if I notice that it is unclear to my audience. It might also be effective to ass pieces of commentary throughout the video that explains why I have included each specific clip. I plan to wait until my workshop group has a chance to review my video before I decided to make any further changes. I am very happy with the way it has turned out thus far and am excited for my peer to see my final video.

Something that a person finds especially annoying

1. Walked too closely behind me.

2. Tapped your pencil rapidly on your desk in class while sitting nextpet_peeves to me.

3. Made strange noises with your mouth when they were clearly unnecessary.

4. Stopped walking in the middle of the sidewalk.

5. Walked in the middle of the sidewalk leaving me to walk in the grass and navigate around you.

6. Stepped on the back of my shoe(s) when I’m walking in front of you.

7. “Whispered” to your friend in the row behind me in lecture disrupting my learning.

8. Took an extremely long time when checking out at the groceury store.

9. Said “no” when I told you my opinion.

10. Didn’t fill up the Britta after you used it.

11. Yelled when I was trying to sleep.

12. Infiltrated my personal bubble.

13. Whistled when the room was silent.

14. Drove improperly either in front of or behind me.

15. Kicked my chair consistently at the movie theater.

One-Eye, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Countless times I have been asked what spirit animal I am and I’ve never quite known how to answer. First off, what do they mean by “spirit animal”? Like, why can’t they just ask what kind of animal youafrican-elephant would be if you could? But even then how am I supposed to know what kind of animal I would be if I could be? It would be interesting to see in black and white like dogs do, but it would also be cool to have quills on my back like a hedgehog. But then if I were a giraffe, I could reach anything that’s too high uptumblr_static_8o1ha9ditdkw048csg8k404cg for me now because I would have a long neck. Maybe I would like being an elephant. They’re known for being some of the most loving creatures. And how could you not like elephants? If I were a bird I could see everything near and far by flapping my wings and flying away. A kangaroo wouldn’t be out of the question either. I would have a pouch to store all my snacks in and I am always in need of snacks. Could my spirit animal be a combination of all of these animals? I guess the question is left open for interpretation.