3 Points of Advice for Gateway

Pick projects that you will be excited to work on.
                There’s really no reason to not feel passionate about your work in                    this class. You’re free to pursue basically whatever you’d like.

Spend more time reflecting than you normally would before diving into a project.
               There aren’t strict guidelines to guide you through the creation                         process, so take time to see your project from its beginning to end                   before getting started.

Enjoy your classmates.
              There might be some social awkwardness at the beginning of the                    semester, as this class involves a lot more personal interaction than                sitting in a lecture hall does. Don’t fret! Sharing your writing is a                      great way to open up to the people around you.

Ypsi Medical Outreach

For my final project, I will be revisiting my experiment 2. I created a website focused on connecting the people of Ypsilanti to affordable medical resources in the area. The website is called “Ypsilanti Health Help,” and currently just contains a few tabs to various resources related to health in the community. I was drawn back to this project because I think it has the most potential to be something I could revisit after this class has finished. As I was working on my experiment 2, I also had a few moments of feeling satisfied with the aesthetic of what I had created online, and I feel that my experiment 2 is the most presentable out of my 3 experiments. I have not created a website online before this experiment, and I found the process of doing so to be surprisingly rewarding.

Some questions/concerns I have about pursuing this as my final project is that I am not sure in what direction I should take the website, in terms of really expanding its scope and depth. Right now the website has a certain visual appeal to it, and there are a couple tabs connecting Ypsi residents to nearby resources. I can do some more investigation and find more resources to connect people to, but I wonder if there is another direction to pursue which could add more depth to my project.

Here’s a link to the site: https://ypsilantihealthhelp.wordpress.com/

Introducing Myself

My name is Bennett Hendricks, I am currently 20 years old. I am studying biochemistry, which I have absolutely no regrets about (yet). As far as who I am as a writer, I am not exactly sure. Growing up I was never very fond of English classes, however I would say that’s changed somewhat in the past 3 years. I appreciate writing as an avenue to express the internal thought-world, as well as a venue to draw attention to any current paradigm out in the world. I think my attitude towards writing changed when I felt more freedom to explore my internal and external views through writing, versus feeling pressured to conform my writing to the popular narrative. My origin piece is an email I wrote to my Grandmother over winter break. The email is somewhat lengthy, and was typed out on the toilet – that sacred space where all upper-level thought occurs. In the email I inquire about my Grandmother’s views on health, medicine, and longevity, and I flesh out some on my own musings on the matter.