The Great Gatsby

Choosing a theme for a given piece of writing is never an easy task. What complicates the process most is not creating the theme itself but is finding if it has the innate ability to reflect my character.

Project 1 seemed at first particularly challenging because I was unsure of how to incorporate academic research into my piece. After talking to T, I have now cleared that up and am left with two persisting ideas:

1). Repurpose old FaceBook messages (from middle school days) into some form of story or personal narrative. Why? Because I find the way I interacted with people then to be entirely different than the way I do now and I am interested in exploring that. I am not sure why I am drawn to this idea, however I believe that everyone at some point has a desire to sift through old messages and moreover, that everyone has an interest in exploring how they used to be. Through this piece, I feel that I could reveal much about myself in addition to much about the community of social media, and about how people choose to depict and portray themselves to others through these sites.

2). Repurpose an essay I wrote for Eng 124 about what provides pleasure to viewers in a horror film, a genre that is meant to scare and upset the viewer. Through this repurpose, I would embark on the creation of my own horror piece governed by my previous research for that essay but also using new research on horror literature to turn it into a piece of writing. I don’t find any personal attachment to this idea, however.