Procrastination At Its Finest

For me, starting a project is the most difficult part. I usually sit down and stare at the screen… and stare… and stare… and stare. Finally, after an ample amount of procrastination, the creativity starts flowing and I begin to write gibberish on the page. In order to prevent this when creating my EPortfolio, I decided to dissect multiple EPortfolios and incorporate certain aspects into my own. This process allowed me to create a step by step plan to prevent getting stuck.

After viewing multiple EPortfolios, I really liked Catherine Livingston’s homepage. It was simple and inviting. My favorite part was the presentation of images that gave me an insight into who Catherine is, engaging my curiosity. This influenced my choice to choose a simple, clean layout and include personal pictures.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the depth of Allison Raeck’s portfolio. She included every part of her projects and allowed her audience to learn about the creation processes. Furthermore, I have decided to allow my readers to be able open my writing in another new window. I felt that it was much easier to read Allison’s writing in new links.

Finally, I loved how Jake Lourim titled his tabs. It was simple to navigate and allowed me to find every project. For this reason, I have decided to name my tabs according to the meaning of Project I, Project II, and Project III.

After researching previous EPortfolios and starting my own, I am excited to keep working on my portfolio and make it simple, yet engaging.

Project III

Right now, after reading my previous posts, you are probably tired of reading all this software nonsense without knowledge about the program. Well, good news! I have decided to create a simplified video about how to access the program. I plan to make the video a little sarcastic in order to grasp my audiences attention and express how a intense program can be broken down.

For the video, I am going to record the process on the computer and then voice over the video with key guidelines, anecdotes, and comments. I believe that this will allow others to understand what I have been talking about since the beginning of Project II.

For the video, I am still unsure about what side to login into, either the project management or accounting. I feel that the accounting side may be a little too overwhelming to go over in video, whereas the project management side is much for simplified. I could go over how to do one certain task like enter a change order. This could also be extremely beneficial to my colleagues in the field because when in need they could reference this video for help.


The Craziest Spring Break Story Ever… Not

Today was my first day of classes after break. I am not sure if we were suppose to post before break or not so… why not? Well, my break was not very eventful according to traditional “crazy spring break” standards. However, it was crazy to me. I worked an unfathomable number of hours, yet I still feel that I have not completed everything I wanted to. But, all of the small pieces will eventually puzzle together to create a solid project.

In regards to my project, I focused on creating my memo, getting the memo approved, and presenting my ideas. However, my original expectations did not turn out as outlined. I had planned to present to a group of fifteen to twenty people, but my boss thought it would be better to work with specific individuals. At first I was unsure because I wanted to spread my message about how important and novel the software system throughout the company. But, I learned that this was not the right approach. I needed to work with individuals and small groups to get an understanding of specific issues and resolutions.

These small meetings went really well! I was able to work with my peers to find a way to perfect this novel software program. The program needs to start working. Once things start flowing, it will begin to benefit everyone. This is my message.

The Beginning of Project II

For Project II, I have decided to write a business memo about the effectiveness of a new accounting software program. Since the memo is something that I plan to give to my bosses, I need to ensure that it is professional, researched, and valuable. I desire for this document to be something that will eventually lead to company wide changes that every employee finds important (yes, I am reaching for the stars here).

In order to properly execute my memo, I need to learn all of the accounting departments beyond my own. For this reason, I have spent hours learning each individuals program and how it works. After I am capable of using the entire program and becoming what I call a “Hikuu Wizard”, I plan to speak with fellow employees about the difficulties that we both encounter.

For now, I am still learning how to use different parts of Hikuu. I plan to finish this over the weekend and then start interviewing people next week and over spring break in order to compile data and start my memo.


Intriguing Writer- Hilary Mantel

After looking over the writer’s featured on Paris Review, I was unsure about which author to select. I decided to choose someone that I had never heard of before in order to increase my base knowledge. Hilary Mantel was a great choice! It was especially unique to learn about how she fell into the category of historical fiction because she believed that she had missed her chance to be a historian. I instantly connected with this feeling because there have been many decisions in my life where I had to pick one path over another. I often question how my life would be different if I had chosen the other path. It was a great realization to discover that anything is attainable at any age period of life!

Furthermore, Mantel ‘s childhood expressed a lot about her personality. The interview stated that many of her books were based off her past. She grew up in a mill town east of Manchester in a working-class Irish Catholic family and attended the University of Sheffield. This was interesting to read about because Mantel’s past has greatly influenced her literary works. I was extremely interested by this fact because it helped express why Mantel chose to write how and what she did. I believe that perceptions about life translate directly into one’s writings.

Another feature of Mantel’s writing that grasped my attention was how she became interested in historical writing. It was as if the genre was calling her name. She was dissatisfied with the current literature available and felt that she could make a difference. This is an impeccable quality of Mantel because she was unsatisfied with a specific aspect and did not give up on it. Instead, she made an enormous impact and revolutionized the discipline. Mantel was a strong women who stood for what she believed in. While living in Botswana, she constantly struggled with illness and eventually diagnosed herself with a severe form of endometriosis. After this, Mantel wrote numerous works about her personal physical experiences and the female body in general. This was incredible! A woman had diagnosed herself and then helped others overcome this own problems. Hilary Mantel was a great selection to read about!

Handy Advice

After reading two advice posts, I felt an wave of excited splash through me for my semester in Gateway. The cherished advice made me feel thankful and lucky to be apart of such a wonderful program that will allow me to refine my skills beyond writing.

The first post I read, “Advice for Newbsss” by Wyatt Frank, helped me understand the ample opportunities and resources I have within the Sweetland community. Before reading Wyatt’s post, I only expected to attend office hours, and I never thought about visiting the writing center for help. I now plan to do it for assistance in my other courses. I believe that this will help me improve my writing in all my classes.

The second post I read, “Blog 12: Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh….** Advice” by Rebecca Soverinsky, instantly caught my attention due to the clever title. In regards to the title, I had no idea what to expect for the blog post, but it turned out to be FANTASTIC (FYI everyone should read it). Rebecca wrote a witty and insightful blog about the changes a person will experience throughout the gateway course. She made me feel that this class will open my eyes beyond my bias mind. This made me feel a sense of excited for ALL upcoming courses because each one will help change me as an individual.

All in all, the advice blog posts were incredible! Both posts opened expressed the ample amount of opportunities that I must take advantage for this semester. I am now more than excited for the upcoming classes in Gateway!

ChloHard Goes Hard?

Well, that is not really the case anymore. Two years ago I met this crazy Australian guy on study abroad at UMich and… we got married. I decided to ditch the sorority life, travel, spend time in Australia, and now we are both back at Michigan to finish our degrees.

DSC_0277I thought a lot about moving to another country, however Michigan is the only school for me. I am a fifth generation Wolverine and the first woman in my family to attend the University. On contrary to what many of you may think, I am actually not from Michigan. I grew up in sunny South Florida and then migrated to Michigan. I am the oldest of five children… Chloe, Chase, Callie, Cassandra, and Chance (so obviously I would marry a Connor to fit into the C names).

MyDSC_0416 youngest sibling, Chance (who is featured in the picture to the left), is two years old, and he Facetimes me almost everyday to tell me about his choo-choo train. It is the cutest thing ever! However, growing up with younger siblings was the absolute best form of birth control for my brother and I. We are petrified of babies because we know exactly how deceiving they can be. Looking all cute and cuddly, but truly a lot of work.

Oh so speaking of work… I am extremely interested in construction law in order to help companies facilitate large development projects. At this point, you should be like why are you majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience? Well, my major has caused me to be highly interested in how the way people think affects their judgements and human relationships. I believe that every conscious decision is affected by how each individual perceives the situation.

Okay, so this is an awfully boring background about me. I really do not know what else to tell you like the fact that all I did yesterday was read an entire book or that my dog’s name is Ralph. I guess it is time for me to tell you about how I write. This is my story about writing.

I love to be utterly tired and stare at the computer screen with glassy eyes in the odd hours of the morning. The early morning is the only time that my mind is silent from the outside world and free to flutter ideas upon the page. I start off by lazily crawling out of bed, grabbing a hot steaming cup of chamomile tea (caffeine gets me too excited), and sitting down at the kitchen counter. My sweet dog is snoozing by my feet, my husband is still sleeping, and my apartment complex is still. There is nothing to disturb me, and my mind instantly focuses on the piece of writing at hand. This is the only time of day where absolutely nothing can distract my thoughts.