My favorite part of English 220

Looking back at this semester I can honestly say English 220 was my favorite class I took, which given that the other classes I was taking was biochem and animal physiology, you can see the outlet I needed for creativity and English 220 supplied that outlet.

I think I enjoyed English 220 so much because it wasn’t structured like any class I’ve ever taken. It gave the student so much more opportunity, but also responsibility for their own growth. As the student, I had to come up with what goals I had for my project and come up with a timeline of due dates for it in order to keep myself accountable.

I also enjoyed English 220 because Professor McDaniel always challenged my train of thought. He would open up class with a question that each student had to answer and this not only helped me to learn more about the other students in the class, but I also found myself learning more about myself. The questions weren’t your average icebreaker questions and I appreciated that!

Overall the class challenged me and any previous creativity limits I thought I had. I am proud of the project I have completed and I can’t wait to see what the other students have created in this class.

Whelp let’s change it up again

I don’t think I’ve ever changed my mind so many times in a class. This project, and class has taken me on a whirlwind of different mindsets. At each class Professor McDaniel would pose a new question that got my mind thinking differently than before and this would cause me to change something in my project, for the better though!

For example, I started off with a completely different topic than I ended up with for my final project, but thankfully this happened because I have actually enjoyed writing about the final topic I developed, rather than the original one I was settling for.

I have also completely changed my mind about my website design. I was about halfway complete with my website when I realized there was a much better way to structure the whole thing. After speaking with Professor McDaniel, I decided to start new. I designed a brand new website that would actually function for the content I wanted to present and I am now so much happier with my project.

Sometimes changing your mind all the time is seen as ditzy or inconsistent, however in this case, I am happy that I was motivated to change my mind so much about my project because it allowed me to explore many avenues and choose the topic and website design that fit me best.

When do you learn to use your time wisely?

well, if you are asking when will we finally learn how to use time to be productive on work for school, I hope that the answer to that is never. I think that it is important to work hard in school, however I think it is more important to live life moment by moment. As I get older, I feel like I realize more how my choices so directly affect me. And I think I am also realizing how fast life goes by, it’s crazy to think that I only have one year left of college!

I think sometimes it is okay to not be worried about getting all your homework done if it means you are exchanging that productive work time for productive life time. By “productive life time” I mean time that you spend with family and friends or take time to spend on yourself- whether that be working out, making your favorite meal, taking a bath…whatever it is, do that every once in awhile.

I think that students at universities like UofM can get hyper focused on academics and over stress. So honestly, for these students I hope they never learn how to use their time wisely, because in those moments when we might not be “using our time wisely,” we are having funa and taking part in those little silly moments that we hold onto for way longer than anything we will ever learn in school.

Regress before Progress

One thing that I have learned from designing a website for the first time is that sometimes things get worse before they get better. For example, I originally started with one long feature article on one page, and then I realized this would work so much better if I were to split it up onto multiple pages so I had to break up my article and start designing different pages.

At first I questioned why the heck I was doing this because my project turned into a bunch of text boxes and random colors on different pages. It really looked awful, let me assure you. But after I learned how to use Wix and discovered the array of possibilities that I could add to my pages, my project started to look more put together like how it originally was.

I feel like this is actually super applicable to life as well. Sometimes, life gets worse before it gets better. We face a struggle and we feel like everything is going wrong, but then once you are on the other side you realize how much you have learned and grown from where you were originally. Regress before progress teaches us patience as well as humility. Wow that got way more philosophical than I thought it would!

Reducing my simplicity

At this point in working on my project I have most of the research completed and I am working on designing the website. I have learned a lot more about how to use Wix and I feel comfortable with it, but I still find myself struggling with the actual formatting and design of the website. I feel like I need to take an interior design class and then come back and work on this project, then I might be able to better choose colors, fonts, images, etc, better.

I would label myself as a creative writer, but not a creative person in general. I love coming up with stories and writing, but when it comes to anything artsy I have never excelled and I think that is why I am struggling with this part of the project. I am a pretty simple person; my closet is mostly full of black, white or grey, except for my wide array of shoes (shout out to my shoe shopping addiction)… anyways, even though I am satisfied with simplicity, I still want to get better at this process of website design. I really want my website to showcase my project exactly how I intended it to be portrayed when I wrote it.

Learning vs Overworking

My project involves a lot of research on how we learn, when do we learn, what motivates us to learn, etc, but now I am also thinking about what happens if you overwork your brain. I think this is also an interesting topic, especially for college students. Sometimes we work work work and forget to take a mind break every once in awhile.

In my yoga class today, the teacher had us take ten deep breathes while we were in the savasana pose. The savasana pose is usually the last thing you do in a yoga class. It is when you are flat on your back with your feet stretched out to each corner of the mat and your hands laying by your side with your palms up. This pose is supposed to be a time of rest after you just worked your body with multiple yoga flows.

While I was taking those ten breathes I realized that I couldn’t remember that last time that I just focused on my breathing. My mind wasn’t thinking about anything but inhaling in and shoving that breath back out. In those ten breathes, my mind felt at peace and that feeling is something that I think is hard to find as a college student.

I think I am now going to consider researching about how we learn best because I think there could be a correlation between overworking your brain and not learning. It would be interesting to see if resting your brain actually helps it learn better and what this actually means physiologically.

Wix? more like witch.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I am coming at a point in the production of my project website where I am ready to throw my computer out the window. I love the writing aspect of this project, but the website designing is, well, just not my forte. I’ve never been very good with technology and this has been made ever present with my struggles with website design.

I am currently working on dividing up my feature article into separate sections and create a different unique page for each section. It was easy to figure out how to add pages, but adding the transitions from one page to another and linking everything together so it flows and gives the reader a direction to follow is really tripping me up.

I have decided not to throw my computer out the window, and instead have been watching many Wix instructional videos and am slowly learning how to design a website that functions in all the ways I want it to.

wishing I was tech savvy

As we move into the phase of our final projects where we are actually putting them into our sites, I’m realizing more and more just how bad I am with technology. I know the basics, but this website editing is a bunch of trial and error.

I feel like it is almost expected that as a millennial you are technologically advanced. We grew up right smack dab in the middle of all the game changing technology. For example, the iPhone was invented when I was in 3rd grade. Technology was all around me, but I always preferred reading a book or going outside rather than downloading apps on my moms phone or gaming on the computer.

I wonder now how it will be like for the kids that are currently growing up in the tech drenched world. It shocked me the other day when my little cousin who is in 5th grade told me that basically everyone in her class had iPhones. I didn’t even have a phone till I was in high school!

I think that technologically can be immensely helpful, like helping me design an avenue to present my final project, but at the same time it can take our attention away from what is really important.

Learning About Learning

When I first started this project, I was all over the place. I didn’t know what I really wanted to write about or what really interested me. At one point I just decided to sit down with a blank word document and just start typing what came to my mind about my topic of comfort zones. I found myself writing a lot about my personal experiences of times I stepped out of my comfort zone, realizing that the most embarrassing times were usually the most memorable ones. I also found myself asking a lot of questions about how memories are encoded, how do we actually perceive our experiences, especially the ones that we claim are the most memorable. I found a new avenue for my research that I was very interested in. I am a neuroscience major and I was so geeked about the research I was finding on how our brains actually learn. As I continued to research and develop prose for my project, I realized that some of my best writing came from this topic of how our brains learn and I think this was because I was just so intrigued and invested in it. I was learning what really made me a good writer while I was learning about learning, who would’ve thought?

Who knew I could relate to art?, not me.

When I was first asked the question of what art is most meaningful or that I feel the most related to, however it’s the furthest away from you, nothing popped into my head. I have never been a huge fan of going to art museums and staring at canvases on walls, but then I started to view the prompted question more broadly. I started to think about what music or movies I particularly felt related to, and immediately I thought of my favorite band Lord Huron. I feel furthest away from Lord Huron because music is something that I’ve never really been that interested in. The closest I got to really exploring any musical ability of mine was recorder class in first grade.

Even though I feel disconnected from their form of art, there’s just something about their music that makes me feel cozy and comfortable and at home. I feel like that is what relatedness really means as a concept. It’s when you feel like you can really connect to something on the level that you can use it as a way to identify with yourself. I can relate to the lyrics of Lord Huron’s songs as well as their overall vibe of being relaxed and going with the flow. One of my favorite songs by them is “Ends of the Earth.” The lyrics are about wandering and being out in the environment and exploring new places, all of which are things that I think people would use to describe me. Click on the link below if you wanna give them a listen (no I am not being paid to endorse Lord Huron)