Capstone Writing idea 400

Wow, it has been so long since I’ve written on this blog, I even forgot what my password was. Anyways, this past year of my life was crazy; I have been to 5 different countries, and have been home for a total of 2 weeks since January. Therefore, believe that writing about my travels would be an interesting topic for my final SWC project.

Please offer feedback on these ideas, if you have some time:

Topic-Traveling Europe

Form: Either scrapbook (model un-choosen) or short-story format in the model of (tales of the new world, by Sabrina Murray)

Thanks for your advice,


Differences in writing expectations

So as I have stated in my last post, I am currently on study abroad in GBR, and am adapting to the differing levels of expectations that come naturally with coming to a different school. In each of my 2 classes, three essays are assigned, each 2,000 words or less. Honestly, that doesn’t seem too bad imo. I turned in my first assignment for grading yesterday, so hopefully that will go well.

In consultation with a professor, he was telling me about the differences in North American and European writing styles. And surprisingly, in his opinion, North American students writing is far superior to that of their English peers. This came as a surprise to me, as we always hear about how dumb the Americans are, and how far superior European schools are.  The professor in question asked about my writing training, thus I got to brag on the University of Michigan and the Sweetland Center for Writing specifically. So far, the academics here have not been too rough, so hopefully this continues.

Bye for now

Hey Ya’ll

Hey ya’ll,
I’m on study abroad this semester in the North of Scotland at St. Andrews University, and one thing that has been challenging so far has been the incredibly descriptive diction that the Brits use to describe ordinary objects. What we say in 2 words, they say in 10. So adjusting to this has been difficult thus far.
I am only taking 2 classes, but they have an enormous amount of reading and essays thus associated, so it’s not a walk in the park. However, instead of writing 10-15 pages in term papers, I only have to write 4, and have double the readings that I would in the USA. I’ll re-post when i get feedback on my essays and such, it will be interesting to see how the standards of this university differ from back home.
Until then,


It’s been a while…

This is my first blogpost back, as I’m done with my first month at my junior year here at UM. My academic interests have taken a 360 turn and I’ve changed my major from economics to history. Therefore, I will be writing this semester….ALOT. I had no idea how many papers that this major required. Even though I’m not taking any SWC classes, I’m pretty sure that my writing will be refined greatly through this process. It’s about to be an interesting and difficult semester (filled with writing) and I’m up to the challenge that this (necessary) life change will require. I hope ya’ll’s semester is going great, that’s all I have for now.



okay so here is the link to my blog:

I am sitting here in my pajamas still in my bed since this morning, I’ve been working on this at since 9am, but i think its legit. I haven’t brushed my teeth, and I’m feeling kinda gross. I have to leave to go visit my family in the Upper Peninsula in 1 hour from now, so I’ve gotta run. Best of luck to ya’ll



Reflection on Writing

Well, I just got back from Shelly’s office hours, and turned in what is one of the last essays that I have to do this year. This course definitely challenged me to do things that were outside of my comfort zone, and for the final project, I made a movie; this was actually the first movie that I’ve had to make in my college career.

The proccess of making that went swifter than I imagined. For someone who is SOOO technologically inept for myself, I’m certainly glad that I have a roommate who is a Screen Arts and Cultures major because she has all the sweet computer programs, and she provided alot of aid in the creation of this project.

One of the difficulties that I had was recording the Audio and mixing it with the mp3 of the music. Admittidely, Sarah and I couldn’t get it working, so we did the JANKIEST thing ever and I put my computer next to hers, played the song, and recorded over it and onto 1 mp3 file. The audio quality was surprisingly good for a last-resort measure. Praise God.

I also utilized free online photo editing software,  because PC does not have a satisfactory program. However, I did use Windows live movie maker, which is surprisingly simple to use, and from there I created the rest of the video.

I think that it turned out pretty nice, check it out 🙂

Final project SWC



Essay Ambition

I know that all of my posts are about how I cant seem to finish my essays, but still…

I finished some of them yayyyyy. I did all 3 of them for My RC humanities class, I’m going to write my essay for econ tomorrow, and this weekend, I will finish my revisions for the documents in the portfolio, because I after some consideration, I think that the “portfolio” grading system is probably the most helpful option for me.

With all the essays that I have done this week, I feel as though this meme expresses my thoughts exactly:













As well as this one:












My goal is to to finish all my stupid essays this week so that I am able to actually study the 40+ hours that I need for a stats final, an econ test, and science exam. So far, I’m doing pretty well. Good luck on all of your outstanding essays group.



Cant seem to write my RCHUMS essay

So I’m sitting here at my desk (just remembered that I had to do a blog post this week because I’m group 1…whoops) but I actually have a really appropriate topic to write about, so that’s fine.

I can’t find the motivation to write my essay for another class. Its due tomorrow night, and I’ve started it, but I cant seem to do it. Tomorrow I’m gonna pull a Melody and morning write it. Its pretty low stakes, but, I mean, every point counts.

The class that I’m writing it for is RC 360, and, in my opinion, its one of those things that I’m not going to spend much time on and not going to revise extensively. I know its bad, but the level of quality expected in that class versus this sweetland writing class is tremendous. I feel bad for lowering my standards for myself on that assignment, but I it happens from time to time. I have been blessed with the ability to write decently, and I truly feel as if that is my saving grace in many college classes.

Well, I’m gonna keep on procrastinating and watch a crappy British reality show 🙂

Writers block

The thing that I wish to address in this prompt is ‘writers block.’ So, I’m leaving for Spring Break tomorrow morning at 5am with my friends, and I remembered, “Ohhh, I forgot to post to the blog. whops’ so as I came to WordPress, I didn’t know what I was going to write about.

I feel as though I have writers block only when it is late at night. Like Melody stated in her Why I Write presentation, I am definitely a morning writer as well. By far my best quality words  come to me when I am alive and fresh. Generally, when I am signing up for a new semester at school, I try to make it so I don’t have classes before 10am so that I can get really hard homework done. It is interesting how I much prefer to do writing in the morning and economics at night. Does anyone else have a particular homework for varying school subjects?

Generally I try to make sure that large important projects are not done the night before, however sometimes, doing a low-stakes blogpost is unavoidable the night before I leave.

I’m sorry this is so short, but I just cant take it anymore, I have to go to bed!

Have a great springbreak guys, wherever you are.

Jen Durow


Why I write

I liked last night, I thought it was interesting.
I’m blanking out on her name (the really nice PhD student) who studies writing, yeah, she was talking about the process of revising huge documents and what a task it is for her. As she was describing her procedure, I was getting some serious Edward Siscorhands vibes.

She talks about how she prints these 50 page documents out and then tapes them to the walls of her apartment so that she can stare at them not on a computer screen. I can totally associate with this, because I too, hate staring at screens. I have to stare at screens from 8am until i go to bed at night, so eventhough its old-fashioned, hard copy is the way to go. Anyways, she cuts paragraphs and arguments and tapes them to other locations of the document, then she puts the revision into the computer and throws it away. This is super interesting, if i have to write a thesis for undergrad or (of course I will have to in a masters program) I should probably try this method.

This seminar defff gave me this awesome, nifty new idea.