Snappy News

Let’s be honest, it is pretty unusual for an app, especially one that relies on direct human interaction to remain popular for an extended period of time, let alone many years. Words With Friends- drifts in and out of popularity. Facebook- still around but has fallen under control of our parents. Surprisingly, Snapchat has managed to stay relevant for four years and is still going strong.


Many social media platforms begin to fall flat after a period of time, or simply have small updates that annoyingly change where buttons are located. Snapchat has avoided this downfall by adapting and adding a form of snappy news. Although this is by no means a complete source for all of one’s day-to-day information, it is a fun, innovative way to see little snippets from a large variety of media platforms.


These daily stories range from Cosmo and BuzzFeed, to CNN and Comedy Central, to National Geographic and ESPN. Though the information provided in each section varies greatly, the formatting of each uses the same formula.


Due to the nature of Snapchat, it is focused on a teen and college aged audience. Consequently, the articles, quizzes, and videos each have an eye-catching and creative “title page” hooking reader. Conveniently, if you’re interested, swipe up; if not, just tap. Additionally, each “channel” has similar styles of articles. There are DIYs, travel plans, current events, pop culture, and horoscopes galore.


The key characteristic that makes Snapchat news stories effective is that it is presented in a form that is already part of our generation’s everyday routine. The easy access and quick format is both appealing and entertaining, requiring minimal attention… Basically summing up how our age group prefers most modes of communication.