Example Of “Fear” in Syntax/Vocab/Grammer

Here is my example, it’s an excerpt from a students personal essay I was assigned to peer review.

“His message continued to go on to talk about his experience with flight school and as an LT in the fleet. He made sure to be positively clear that he couldn’t make the decision for me, but could offer me any answers to questions I had based off of his experiences. I had never met Devin in person, but found myself very thankful he was the son of some friends in my family, because his advice was the exact insight I was looking for. No one I had met at my unit had been wrestling over going subs or going pilot. It just didn’t happen. I had finally found someone I could relate to with the same situation as myself.”

Best Blog Design

Here is what I believe to be one of the better WordPress layouts out there in the world.


It’s a buyable theme (I couldn’t find an example of someone actually using it). It’s very clean and precise, with easily readable text and layout. Compared to the blogs shown in class, this one has a lot less going on. A lot less to look at and get distracted by.

Untrustworthy Writing/Speaking Example

Santorum’s Opposition To Gun Safety Link

Santorum argues that Obama should have focused on restricting access to violent Hollywood movies and video games, rather than limiting the availability of assault weapons or high capacity magazines. What?

I’ve written a couple papers about how video games are not a significant cause of violence in young adults, as many seem to believe. I don’t believe it to be a valid or provable point, especially when Santorum babbles on about it while Granholm smokes him.

–Melania Plasko