Read to Write

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to read. While my love for reading has lasted over time, the amount I read has dwindled tremendously. I used to read anything I could get my hands on. I would sit down with a book and not get up until it was finished.
My mom always tells me that the way to become a better writer is to be a reader. She begs me to go back to my book obsessive days. But somehow, with all of my other responsibilities, and with my free time being consumed by reading through Facebook, I have neglected my love for reading books.
I agree with my mom on the importance of reading with regards to improving many aspects of myself, including the writing part of myself. I hope this is something I prioritize in the coming year, and that it is not too late to rekindle my love for a good book on a Saturday afternoon.


Write for the Infinite

People tend to forget: writing has not always existed.

Writing was invented.

created timelessness
where thoughts were not.

reached far distances
where words could not.

Imagine a world where
thoughts, stories, ideas, life,
died with the people who held them.

But we live in a world where writing lives on infinitely ∞


Write to remember-
Write to express-
Write to teach-
Write to learn-
Write to impact-
Write to reflect-
Write for now-
Write for tomorrow-
Write for yourself-
Write for everyone-


Narrowing It Down…

Since the project was first mentioned, I expressed to the class that I planned on starting with a piece of writing from my trip to Ethiopia. I have finally decided on starting with my photo blog, Humans of Ethiopia ( I want to repurpose the many individual photos with captions into one fluid personal travel essay to be published on a travel writing website.

The majority of the research I have done thus far has been focused on choosing a website that I could imagine publishing my essay on. This research helped me get a better idea of what all types of travel essays look like, as well as envision my own. I was able to narrow down my selection to three websites:,, and As I continue to read the essays on each of these websites, I am hoping that something will resonate with me and help me choose one.

If anyone knows of a great website where writers submit personal essays from their travels, please share! Perhaps I just haven’t found the right one yet. In the mean time, I am looking forward to reading more incredible stories before I begin to write my own.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.36.36 PM

Where to start?

As a business major, much of my class schedule is predetermined. This made deciding whether or not to join the writing minor, and add more requirements to my schedule, a difficult decision. When weighing my options, I decided to look deeper into the type of assignments I would be spending my time completing in the Gateway Course. When I first read the course description of working with one piece of writing for the majority of the semester, I was discouraged. There was nothing from my past academic writing that I wanted to play around with for an entire semester. It was not until I thought of all the writing I had done surrounding my travels to Ethiopia, that I was convinced to join the Minor in Writing Fall 2014 Cohort.
I am set on using my writing from Ethiopia for this project, as this is something I am passionate about and would like to dedicate more time to. However, I have yet to decide on the angle from which to approach my experiences in Ethiopia. I can start from my photo blog, Humans of Ethiopia, or I can start from my personal journal.
I like the idea of starting from my journal since this material is more raw and there are endless possibilities of the directions I could go with it. However, the journal has remained untouched since my travels and I am not sure that right now is the best time to tackle what is inside. I have been saving the journal for when I most need it, and I am not sure I am ready yet. The photo blog, while more developed, offers the appeal of being a public space and therefore a project that I would feel comfortable working on alongside my classmates and anyone else who finds themselves on the Minor in Writing Blog.
So I know where I want to end up – back in Ethiopia – which leaves me with the pressing question, where to start?

Just A Glimpse

Nina Steinberg was born and raised in New York City. She is a passionate traveler and enjoys immersing herself in different cultures. She is the photographer and writer behind Humans of Ethiopia. She is a business major at the University of Michigan, is pursuing a minor in writing, and is involved in psychology research. She is addicted to gum, loves chocolate, coffee, dogs, pigs, and elephants. Camel in Jordan