Project Make-over #mixer

*advice, please!*

I’m speaking to those who are making/have made personal blogs about a particular experience, trip, or phase.   My blog posts sound like diary entries. My concern is, how to speak to an audience beyond myself.  I changed their statuses to “unpublished”.  They seem lame, stagnant, and unrepresentative of my experiences.   My original capstone project plan was to make a blog about the making of a double bass recital.  I’ve hit a wall. Is there reader appeal to reading someone’s diary about making music?  Paul does not want me to scrap the whole thing but…oy


My own solution has been to try and create something in a different medium. I remembered Ray advising me to generate questions.  I remembered a Q&A with myself becoming the foundation of my Gateway project.  I decided to make a zine (self-published, hand-crafted, magazine; a medium likened by 90’s female punks), centered around the question, “Why do I music?”. Yes, it is a reference to George Orwell’s “Why I Write”, but I think it works.  Here’s the cover page.

zine cover

If you were a capstone what color would you be?

I’m in my last semester at UM which means I’m taking Writing 400, the Capstone.  Yes, it will be epic.  Paul Barron, our guide, scheduled individual meetings with each member of the class because our are genre-busting plans for our projects could not be contained all at once.

My project is called, “Zoe Kumagai Plays the Double Bass”.  It’s true, I promise.  But if you’d like to contest the matter, I’d love to engage in that sort of conversation.  Proof or Computer Generated? You be the judge.
bass and lady

Spoken Word Performance This Saturday

Saturday 4/13           2 PM         Space 2435 in NQ (the room with TV screens/ where we had orientation)

I’ll be performing my remediated project through spoken word with minimal theatrics.  The topic is “Why I Write”.

It would be great to see you all there since I’ve composed it with you, the writer, in mind as a person in the audience.  If not, no worries, it’ll appear in my e-Portfolio.


Minor in Writing Recruitment Meeting this Week!!

Tell your friends!  There is an info meeting  Tuesday (3/19) from 6-7pm in the Parker Room in the Union.

Yes, there will be pizza, even though Ray said it is demeaning to serve us junk food.  If this appeals to you, the active member of the  Minor in Writing community blog, I say, you should come too!  Zach, Kalynn and I will be there preaching good words about our awesome program.

Confusing Math Prose

This came from my roommate’s textbook “Introduction to the Theory of Computation” by Michael Sipser-

“When the fifth symbol 1 is read, the fingers on q1 and q3 result in fingers on states q1, q2, q3, and q4, as you saw with the fourth symbol. The finger on state q2 is removed. The finger that was on q4 stays on q4. Now you have two fingers on q4, so remove one, because you only need to remember that q4 is a possible state at this point, not that it is possible for multiple reasons.”

It is like when your snoody cousin explains a game with the intention of watching your face squish in confusion.

Also this guy-

Learning. Whoa.

I like Ray’s latest assignment.  (For T’s class) It was to read six articles, predict the age/kind of person of the author, then research and find out who the writer actually is.

I usually do not sit down and read six articles.  I started with articles that I read recently and liked.  I needed four more articles so I followed the author’s links on the sidebar.  Upon this was DISCOVERY!

Turns out, I am actually interested in articles that interest him too.  This phenomena of cyber inter-connectedness was only a rumor  before this.  After reading the sixth article, I thought, “I enjoyed reading. I learned some things!”

While engaging in this assignment, I felt compelled to find something out.  It was like a game trying to uncover the author’s biographical information using their words, references, appropriateness of slang, and blogging finesse as clues.  I was noticing the rhythm of the text and wanting more of the groove.

This might be a new stage for my brain.  For other’s too?

World-class blog

So this address might not attract a future employer.  But I’m not about to hire anyone.  I also don’t know who any of these bands are on this page.

This site got me curious quicker than most.  It is a monthly magazine.  There is a lot of movement and is a bit flashy- somewhat distracting.  But I think this does justice to the content.  The picture-grid format of the cover page indicates the freshness/high-turnover of the subjects being reviewed.

At the top of the page, you can venture beyond at your own will, check-up on past issues, get the latest mag news and view things categorically.

The overall tone of the page is dynamic.  It allows for independent discovery.  It is visually stimulating (the people look funny!).

…setting the bar high for 2013 Winter Cohort.

What are We Waiting For?

2/3 of college graduates face the world armed with debt.  Student debt in the US has exceeded a billion dollars.  Jobs are not awaiting us either.  To make things worse, some of the wealthiest US colleges are pressing legal charges against students who have defaulted on their loans.

We see the fight for equal education. We experience the fight to succeed within the institution.  What about our right to reasonably afford education?  What about our right to earn our way beyond the confines?

Chelsea, The Right to Work 1977

Hi My Name is Zoe Hisae Kumagai

Before coming to Ann Arbor the only home I habited was in small foothill town at the crest of Los Angeles.  I was raised on white rice, basketball, and Shin Buddhism.  My side kick is a six-foot tall, German double bass. I major in Music Performance.  I am a peer tutor for the Sweetland Center for Writing and mentors in the Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra and the Dearborn Youth Symphony.  If  I found a genie in a bottle I would wish for lactose-tolerance, an afternoon rollerblading with John Cage and a nose-warmer.