A Depiction of Plantation Life: Too Sweet to Trust

I was intrigued by this blog, “Life on Hawiian Sugar Cane Plantation” because my grandma was born and raised on one.  Her parents were workers on a plantation.  Life was rugid even in the twentieth century.   When I followed the authors link to an example of restored plantation workers cottages, I was taken to pictures of luxurious pools, roads lined with grass and tall trees, freshly painted cottages.  This was not the same plantation lifestyle my mom saw in the 1960’s when she visited her grandparents: dusty roads leading to shacks on stilts, an outdoor kitchen below, and the out-house half a mile away.  This depiction of plantation life said that the life of a plantation worker was “hard” but did not make much of an effort to truly display the hardships.


-Zoe Kumagai