Drumroll Please….

This past semester I have been diligently working on my Capstone project, and my passion for it has increasingly grown every day. I was inspired to create a women’s magazine that seeks to do three main things: educate women, empower women, and redefine what it means to be a women’s magazine. This magazine contains information about topics that directly impact women, whether that information be politically related, health care related, etc. This magazine is also unique in that it is interactive; I have hyperlinked all of the articles that I used during my research, so that readers can directly click on them and read additional information if they would like. There are a variety of perspectives covered in my magazine and topics are presented from an unbiased perspective, allowing the readers to receive information in an objective manner. I am extremely excited to finally be able to present my final product. After weeks of hard work and hours of intensive research, here is my project: https://kuzelann.wixsite.com/annmariehkuzel


My Painfully Long Capstone Project

Welcome to my 200 page book that is my Capstone Project. Over the course of the semester, I have been working on creating a book called Truth Be Told: A Young Writer’s Guide to Creative Nonfiction. Creative nonfiction has made such an impact on me during my college career, and I wanted to find a way to share my experience with others, but also for them to create their own experience that would be as positive as mine.

I wrote a first person book based on my own experiences as a young writer navigating the field, because I wanted to create a “how to guide” that was more accessible for beginners. I also wanted to use the book as a way to showcase that young writers produce exceptional work that other young writers can strive to produce themselves. I never thought I would pull off a 200 page book, but here it is.


Capstone Project

My capstone portfolio consists of my research project on HIV stigma, my writer’s evolution essay, and other writing from college like my “Why I Write” essay from gateway. In my writer’s evolution essay, I focus on how I developed a better sense of audience and purpose in my writing over the course of the MiW. In my portfolio, I include papers from earlier writing classes that show this deficit in my writing. A lot of my progress in strengthening my sense of audience is reflected by my capstone portfolio.

For the project, I created an HIV Stigma Toolkit designed for HIV social workers in Michigan. I was inspired by my volunteer work as an HIV test counselor at UNIFIED, a non-profit HIV clinic and resource center in Ypsilanti. The goal of the Toolkit is to help HIV social workers increase the capacity of their clients (people living with HIV [PLHIV] and members of vulnerable populations) to effectively challenge HIV Stigma. I aim to help HIV social workers understand the origin and impact of stigma experienced by PLHIV in Michigan as a means to better decode and address their clients’ fears of stigma. The ultimate goal is this: by helping their clients overcome fears of stigma, HIV therapy will be significantly improved.

The first section of the Toolkit (“Stigma Trends in Michigan”) gives a definition of stigmas experienced by PLHIV in the state and an overview of the distribution of those stigma experiences. The goal of this section is to inform social workers of what types of stigmas their clients most likely face, divided by characteristics like age, race, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, marginalization, etc. My next section (“Social Stigma) includes an analytical essay on how stigma affects PLHIV through a social lens. My essay focuses on behavioral outcomes of social stigma such as social avoidance and delayed care. My next section (“Legal Stigma”) is an analytical essay on how stigma affects PLHIV through a legal lens. Here, I focus on the origin of legal stigma through HIV Criminalization, defined as the use of criminal law to prosecute PLHIV. Finally, in my last section of the Toolkit (“Interview”), I interviewed a man living with HIV about the ways he challenged stigma; we also focused our conversation on how stigma changes with age.

I hope you enjoy looking through my project and my older writing pieces. Here’s the link: https://jordan-levine-capstone-project.squarespace.com


Voila! A Portfolio is Born

Everything we have done this semester has finally come down to this: a unique place to showcase our work.

🌸✨ Here! ✨🌸

Bear 🐻 with me, as my portfolio is still quite the work in progress! I have been focused more so on the final layout and arrangement of all the elements, and once those are finalized, all the content can be added right in place. More links to various past work of mine are also still to come!


My capstone project was an investigation into the new trend of veganism, and how it has been able to gain so much traction so fast. It is in the form of a short video meant to be lighthearted and funny, while also being informational. The last few edits are still being made, so I have the “trailer” up on my page for those who are curious. So far it has come together better than I have expected.

I would like my portfolio to embody a “green”🌿 theme, and have coordinated the color schemes and background designs to emphasis this. It is also my favorite color.

It’s hard to believe that this is the end. Seeing how everyone’s project turned out will be very exciting!


Welcome to My Portfolio!

Hey guys!! This is very exciting for me, and all of us, I’m sure because of all the hard work that has gone in to our projects and portfolios. Basically, as I explained in my presentation, my capstone project is a combination of two things that I am passionate about: social justice and witty prose.

I decided to create an ad campaign for a hot new beauty brand, Glossier that revolves around a coalition between the brand and Planned Parenthood. I set up my portfolio primarily in the aesthetic of Glossier, featuring a detailed description of the campaign and my decisions behind the ads and social posts. I then have my page with all of my mockups, and my magazine article which is the main piece of writing in my project, and also have a page that includes published clips, and a link to my writers evolution essay to explain my professional development, and then a page for anyone to contact me if they are interested in my writing!

I hope you guys like it!! WOW IM GRADUATING IN LIKE 5 SECONDS!!



My Capstone Project!!!

After a semester of working on this, I can’t believe how far this project has come. AND that I can finally say that it is pretty much done – I still need to change a few things on the capstone site, but it is almost in its final form!!

As you can see in the image below, the home page for my capstone site turned out pretty cool. In live mode, the clock ticks and the background changes, too.

The final website creation process ended up being a huge overhaul of the website I had originally created in the gateway course, with a link from that site to the new site I created exclusively for my capstone. Essentially, I had the task of creating two websites (AKA huge headache for Amanda).

But, I am SO pleased with how it turned out. I feel that keeping my “home site” separate from the capstone plays well to the fact that I truly want my capstone to be an educational resource on goals and resolutions for undergraduate college students. In addition, I went a lot into college health, which I think is a relevant addition to the goals and resolutions theme. As a way of researching and putting together my portfolio, I primarily used observational and secondary research, as well as including my own personal health story and experience with resolutions.

Since they are different websites, I did have the issue of deciding on whether or not to have “about me” pages on both, (since I didn’t know which path the viewer would take to see each site). Because of this risk, I included one on each site, in the chance that the viewer goes straight to my capstone portfolio instead of my home site. I hope this choice is effective and doesn’t come across as repetitive. I’d love any input on this!

Some questions I have for feedback: Is the transition from my home site to my capstone a smooth one? Do you feel that the layout of the capstone site does my project justice? Are there any sections I should expand on?

Overall, I am super pleased with how this turned out! Feel free to check the sites out!

This is the link for my home site

This is the link for my capstone site


Thank you,


Project Introduction



Thank you for viewing my website and looking through my capstone project.  This project is the exploration of  queer identity formation.  How do people do this? This serves to provide some intellectual clarity, and supplement this with artistic matter (video and performance) to make the subject more digestible/give it a voice.

What I would like to know is if the website operates in a cohesive and user friendly way?  Is the format of the site inviting? Does it direct you through the project in a way that flows nicely?

Are there any parts of the website that can be improved to elevate the production value of the project? Do you think there should be more media on the home page? or is it okay that it is separated in four different sections?


Thank you,


Last blog post…EVER

Well, its the end of college, and panic is officially setting in. I feel like every post I have written is about freaking out for the end of college, so I don’t really need to cover that here.

After 14 weeks, I finally have a portfolio worthy of presenting! While I still have some general revisions to make, I think this portfolio is pretty solid. My project began as an investigation into gentrification pressures in Flint, Michigan. I thought that my anecdotal experiences of a whitening Flint might reveal some trends backed by data. However, I could find very few signs from the in/out-migration and overall demographics to suggest gentrification. The place where one would most expect to see gentrification, housing prices, was also inconclusive. Therefore, I pivoted towards focusing on vacancy and blight, which is a persistent issue in deindustrialized cities. I found substantial support for this problem across the academic literature and within Flint’s Comprehensive Plan.

With the support of my research, I propose two ways to reuse vacant properties, and encourage more in-migration. Through the use of solar fields, large swaths of Flint’s vacant land can be utilized, while the reuse of Flint Central High School could create attractive educational options. Finally, I argue that the real focus on redevelopment should be on increasing educational opportunities. The long-term benefits of a more educated workforce, and more educational opportunities, is an effective strategy of encouraging migration into Flint, and creates an impetus for outside investment.

My project is unique because it directly counters the pro-growth initiatives pursued by Flint, and other industrial cities. The current solutions to shrinking cities often entail the same tools that worked in the past. However, seeking outside investment, infrastructure growth, and a reliance on business has often led to unequal and disparate results. My work pushes back on this logic, and instead advocates for the investment in citizens, and property reuse, which is a more sustainable and fair strategy.

Before my final submission, I need to update my works cited page and clean up some citations in my research. Plus, I need to make my Writer’s Evolution essay more accessible, and put the finishing touches on my writing. That being said, I think version 4.0 of my portfolio/Capstone provides a good look into the overall concept of my project.

Here is the link to my project…



My Capstone Portfolio (!!)

Well, the days keep counting down toward graduation and now it is time to share my capstone project and portfolio.

The project I chose allowed me to explore to two different but important things to me. One silly and one serious. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a vendetta? That’s not the right word but I’ve had something against sea lions. I don’t trust ’em and I don’t get ’em. So for my project, I wrote and illustrated an adult children’s book about this mistrust of sea lions. But the more I worked on it and thought about it, I saw reflections to today’s political/Islamophobic climate. The things I have against sea lions are the same things used against Muslim immigrants. Through satire, my project hopes to show that the general fear and mistrust of an entire religion is just as silly and probably heinous as my general fear and mistrust of an entire species. But come on, do you trust that face?

Image result for sea lion suspicious


My portfolio includes this project as well as a short research paper which details my sources and contextualizes the project. My portfolio also includes my Writer’s Evolution essay and a link to an online magazine I write for. Overall, my portfolio is almost there. I’m still working on formatting my Writer’s Evolution essay and the images and videos included in my research paper. And I still need to upload my capstone project.

After those final steps, I’m done! Take a look and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear any and all suggestions.

Here’s the link again: https://shanvail.wixsite.com/c2017

Introducing…My Capstone Portfolio!

It could be due to the fact that I’m graduating soon, but introducing my Capstone Portfolio is making me feel a bit weepy. It’s the first of my last few assignments at the University of Michigan, and it has come to represent a lot of the writing pieces I’ve done over the last four years.

Overall, I’m thrilled with how my Portfolio and my Capstone Project have come out. When I first had the idea to create a business plan for my Capstone Project, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. I only had one semester to do it, and I had high expectations for my end product. Through hours spent adjusting the beta version of the site to emailing back and forth with my mentors, I can honestly say it was all worth it. My Capstone Project, ModeCollab, is one of my greatest achievements over the last four years and I could not be more thrilled to share it with all of my fellow writers (please use the password: capstone2017 to view my website).

When it comes to my Capstone Portfolio, I view it as the “more mature” version of my Gateway Portfolio. I used a lot of the same language and headers, but I definitely see the difference in my voice and style of writing. I also chose to have my portfolio centered around a theme of “learning” because I think that sense of discovery encapsulate the work I’ve done not only for the Capstone, but for many of the courses I’ve taken through the Minor in Writing.

And here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for…my portfolio! I welcome any suggestions or feedback on it, so feel free to comment below!