A Semester in a Website

Hello Writing Community!

It has been an interesting semester to say the least. The Gateway grants its students a great deal of autonomy and flexibility; I believe I have utilized both of these to my advantage, developing relationships with classmates as academic peers and friends alike. People can use this class as a platform to express themselves, as a means of getting a certain grade or credit for school, or a tool to learn about a given subject they are interested in. As a sophomore in college, it is an important time to start reflecting on what I want to pursue as a career. While I may or may not want to go into real estate/urban development, a strong theme in my work for the semester, I do acknowledge that whatever I do will require writing. I can confidently say I am a more versatile and tactful writer than I was January 8th.

To those reading this… please write anything. A thought, a song, a movie, a book, a short story, an inquiry. While time can be escaped through listening to music, and time can be released through breathing, time can truly be felt through writing. With that, I leave you with my ePortfolio for the semester (And final project) ! I hope you enjoy

Also, in general, remember that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.



Here is a little preview…

Advice to Future Gateway Students

Its really hard to give writing advice, because everyone writes differently and for different reasons. I was pretty nervous joining the Minor in Writing family because I didn’t feel like a “writer.” But what I learned through this gateway class is that I am just as much a writer as anyone else. I don’t have my things published and I don’t have to journal frequently or write about everything that comes to mind to be a writer. You can define what it means to be a writer, and that means a lot of different things to different people. But don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to write on subjects/genres you feel weird or uncomfortable writing about. Push yourself not for the grade (well, do that too), but push yourself to write for you and only you. Imagine you are 60 years old and looking back on your writing. How cool would it be to have a collection of funny, silly, smart, academic, and touching prose to read at the end of your life? What will you discover about yourself both now and then? Write like your grade depends on it, yes. But also write because your words truly do matter.

e-portfolio is up!

Finally, after a lot of tweaking and consideration, my e-portfolio is completed, up and running. Here is the link:


I am very proud of the way it turned out aesthetically and content-wise. I particularly love the landing page:

landing page of my e-portfolio

Because most of my work with my experiments and final project was focused on gratitude for other people, I wanted to include something on my e-portfolio that was personal. A lot of different aspects of my life are captured in the pictures on this landing page, which is something I particularly loved.

I am also really proud of the “Why Gratitude” explanation on my About Me page. I think it does a good job of conveying the importance of the subject matter of my final project to the audience while also showing something about me as a person and as a writer.

I also think the introduction of my final project shows a lot of the process that was involved in it and encompasses every aspect of the project, which was fairly multi-faceted.

I overall really enjoyed creating my e-portfolio and think that it is very representative of both me and my project.

Introducing: social change & baseball games

As humans, it seems we spend most of our lives waiting in anticipation. For the weekend, the end of exams, seeing a friend, a concert, a movie, to get married, to have babies, to fall in love.

Seconds seem to tick by excruciatingly slow, each hour dragging on and longer than the next. It isn’t until we’ve finally reached that day we’ve been waiting for that we realize how fast time has slipped from our fingers.

Some 100 odd days ago, in the midst of a new semester inducing stress into each minute of my day, I wished for summer. For long days filled with sunlight, the absence of backaches from leaning over textbooks, restful sleeps, and time with friends and family back home.

As expected, I’ve reached the point where summer is not even three days away and I have done a 180: I don’t want to leave. I wished away time and now I’m doing everything I can to try to make up for the fact that I’m unable to get it back.

Despite the countless hours of hard work I put into this portfolio, it almost feels like it was manifested out of the sky, out of atmospheric dust, directly from my mind onto the screen. I look back and try to remember how I got here, but it’s all kind of a blur.

I guess with all this I’m just trying to say take a moment and appreciate each lick of life. It’s sweet and rare and impossible to replicate, to relive. Recognize where you’ve been instead of always looking forward.

I hope my portfolio helps you think about some of these things. I hope it slows your world, the spin of the earth on its axis, for just a moment to allow you a minute to breathe and think and reflect.

If I could summarize my portfolio, I would say it’s about life. I know, it sounds dumb and all too broad. But it’s true, it’s about passion and love and failure and time slipping through fingers like wet sand, slick and all too fast.

I hope that if you read it, if you navigate its pages and read the words encrypted on its body, that you gain a new understanding — and most of all, appreciation — for life.

Thank you.


here she is…

Well, gateway is over and my project and e-portfolio are complete! It’s been quite the whirlwind, but I could not be more proud of my final project. Millennial Moment is a site dedicated to showcasing meaningful and inspirational content made by our generation, for our generation. I can definitely see this passion project continuing on in the future (maybe even in some other format through capstone 😉 ) Here she is:

Image result for enjoy gif


Something disturbed my slumber and I jolted awake; my head flying up with arms ready to defend myself from the threat. It was just the house. I was at my studiomate’s house. 

I enjoy mornings like these. Instead of a hangover, I wake up from a deep slumber as if I died the night before. Something decides each time that I am not ready to leave the Earth yet and pulls my consciousness from the bottom of the ocean. I don’t seem to mind. 

Water. I need water. 

I looked around the living room for something to quench my thirst. The only thing next to me was my half-finished watermelon four lokos. I took a sip. The flavor brought back memories of the night before. We had a bonfire and quite a few people came. I stayed up with my dear friends until we ran out of firewood and the fire died. 

I check my phone. 6:30. Perfect. I need water. 

I collect my things and walk out. The sun greets me as I step into the peaceful morning. I walk a half mile in the middle of the road covered in dirt, alcohol stains, and reeking of fire. I look like Tarzan in a Canadian tuxedo. With my four lokos in my denim jacket and new trusty literati bag in tow, I walk to water. Another day of consciousness and I am not going to waste it.


Allow Me to Re-introduce My E-Portfolio

Alrighty everyone it’s finally finished. Introducing the Nick Silk 2019 E-Portfolio: https://nsilk0.wixsite.com/eportfolio

I will say, it was no walk in the park. After numerous trial and errors, and even upending my entire template, I finally created a site that I believe to accurately represent my semester’s work in a fashionable and trim manner. While it was at times craze-inducing, it was also an amazing experience, one that gave me confidence not only as a writer but as a scholar moving forward. This e-portfolio taught me many interdisciplinary tools and skills which I look forward to utilizing in my next academic pursuits. It made me reflect upon my own educational and life experiences, and allowed me to have some introspective realizations.

I hope this e-portfolio captivates you, enthralls you, entertains you, and informs you. More than anything though, I hope it makes you feel something – that’s always been my indicator of a good film, show, book, or piece of writing. I hope you enjoy!

Signing off (for now),


Writing 220: Endgame

Just in time for Avengers: Endgame to come out, I’m also in the endgame of my Writing 220 gateway experience. As I’m putting the final touches on my Eportfolio and drafting this post, I’ve also realized what an adventure this journey has been. I’ve learned a lot about myself and just like with the Avengers, I am sad for it to end.

Colorism has always been a topic I’ve cared about, so it was a great experience to reflect on how it has impacted my family and I’s lives. I’ve definitely grown as a writer this semester and plan to apply these new skills to everything I do moving forward.

I put a lot of time into my EPortfolio and final project (probably more than I should have!), but I’m really proud and satisfied with the outcome.

There were fourteen million outcomes, and this is the one that I ended up with: