Judge me: it’s gone public

My e-portfolio: https://fshaidar.wixsite.com/fshaidar

This marks my graduation from Writing 220. Next stop: capstone (actually though, I’m a mutant and already took all my MiW courses before I was a MiW).

Reflecting on the semester and all it’s taught me, I feel that I’ve learned to appreciate writing in another genre. As I wrote in my synthetic essay, I hated the experimentation process. Being forced to write in another genre made me feel restricted. I didn’t know how to write in new genres, and I wasn’t willing to learn.

Or so I thought. I only told myself that I wasn’t willing to learn because I wasn’t comfortable. In reality, however, it is because I was willing to to learn that I feel that I grew as a writer between September and now. I take pride in having written, and while I did not enjoy the process, feel that I learned that my favorite genre should not be my go-to genre.

As a result, I want to continue to harness a dependence on other genres, and this willingness to explore. It isn’t easy considering the potential in other genres when you could be writing in your go-to genres. But, it is necessary, because ultimately, my go-to genres aren’t always going to be the most appropriate. It’s like a having an expanded tool box. I appreciate having all the tools there, in case I need them. Some tools may be more expensive than others, and more difficult to use than others, but in case I need them, I know they’re there.

And that’s how I feel about genres.

*Mic Drop*

Well… here it is everyone.

As the semester wraps up and I get sentimental, I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped guide my process. From all the peer feedback to the simple smiles in the classroom, all the support was much appreciated.

In regards to how I’ve grown throughout the semester, again I believe I owe a lot of it to the people I was surrounded by (you guys). I think we pushed each other to think in new ways, be intuitive and respectful, and went beyond boundaries we thought we could reach. I cannot wait to continue my exploration with all of you throughout the Sweetland capstone and beyond.

The Fourth Part of the Brain

My eportfolio is titled Fourth Part of the Brain and is inspired by the movie “Fourth Part of the Brain” by Nenad Dizdarevic which is based on the Bosnian civil war. In the movie one of the main characters Sabina says that her brains is like four compartments each holding something different and that in the fourth part she locks away all of the things that she wishes to forget. I put my own twist on Sabina’s quote, using the brain as a metaphor to link my interest in writing & medicine thus, each part of my “brain” houses a different part of me.

Although this course is ending, my e-portfolio is still a work in progress and in the future I hope to be able to add the edited version of speech as the Global Citizen of the Year more pieces of writing from other courses as they related to my theme.



It’s Finally Here

So here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… kinda, maybe, okay probably not but still, here it is. I’m happy with the way my portfolio turned out, I think it really exemplifies the work I’ve done this semester as the quality has definitely been on a steady upslope from the beginning to the end. I think that the quality of my work really began to improve when I realized what sections of writing I enjoyed working in most. The sections that allowed me to express myself and be as open as possible with my audience were the ones that I enjoyed the most, particularly the TedTalk. It allowed me to connect with my audience on a personal, face-to-face level. This “revelation”, if you will, helped me regain my confidence as a writer and I think that sustaining this confidence, even through times when I am struggling to produce good work is what I hope to work on most between now and the capstone. I think continuing to write through the times I struggle is going to be the best way to keep my confidence and to get through the times that I hit a block as quickly as possible. Additionally, another strength I have developed is a unique voice centered around speaking freely and conversationally. I know that that isn’t something I’ll be able to take with me as I pursue a career in law, but it is something I feel I am good at and something that I would like to continue to craft as I progress through the program. I hope you enjoy my site and can find my TedTalk beneficial! The link to my website is here.


Truth About Writing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this semester, it’s writing about truth. Writing about what’s real, and making it the best evidence a writer can have to substantiate her claims. In this ePortfolio, it’s a compilation of a lot of original content, which I value a lot in being able to take away from this class.

More than ever, I want to continue to grow my ability to create a message that lasts, both professionally and creatively, in all senses. I’m definitely not playing around with my writing. To articulate in shorter, more concise sentences. To be more honest on what I hate, and what I like. That being said, I hope I can add a lot more original content that will prove to readers the value of writing has for everyone, and the value it has for me as a skillset to forever hone to this ePortfolio all the way to the capstone.


My ePortfolio!

Hi everyone. I finished my ePortfolio. It’s right here. I had a lot of fun making it, and all of the writing it contains. If you find any spelling mistakes, please let me know – they aren’t like easter eggs or anything. It talks about where I am as a writer and as an extension, person I guess. This project has helped me developed as a writer and thinker, by appreciating writing as a series of choices, accommodating to the rhetorical situation. I learned to relax and watch myself write, without trying to perfect every sentence. And that’s helped me reflect about my writing and self.

“Here she is, boys! Here she is, WORLD!” -Mama Rose

Alright everyone. We MADE IT. Here is my ePorftolio for your viewing pleasure.

Now, I must add that I struggled with the design aspect of this assignment, and will probably be changing that accordingly (I’m pretty sure each page has a different color scheme/design layout… oops).

But instead of dwelling on all that I did not do, I will celebrate how much I have learned this past semester about my own writing.

I have learned:

  1. that even if I try to outline, I’m going to end up throwing it out of the window the first pass anyway in attempt to get thoughts to page before they drift away from my brain.
  2. that I am over-ambitious in many of my ideas. This is not a bad thing, as long as I keep my expectations in check!
  3. that re-reading a piece of your writing after you have stepped away from it (for at least a couple of hours, if not a day or two) is one of the most illuminating forms of revision.
  4. that I still have no clue what I enjoy writing the most, but I’m not really that mad about it.
  5. that reading great work is inspiring.
  6. that I am only as limited as I perceive myself to be.

Hopefully, I will continue this experimentation with my writing and continue to play with new forms and modes. I am grateful that I ended up joining the Sweetland Minor in Writing, and look forward to how my work in the courses, with my peers, and under the professors’ guidance will continue to influence these formative years of my writing education.

Polished but Not Finished

This blog post is dedicated to my Eportfolio that while is not finished, is ready to be seen. The website features a landing page of downtown Des Moines, Iowa, where I interned this past summer. Throughout the website, one can find my works of trying to summarize the experience in three separate genre experiments, each producing a new perspective than the others. It was through these experimentations that I learned how much one mode of communication can vary from another. While my immersive journalism piece offered a detailed look into the office of a company, a short film screenplay was able to show audiences information that would have been potentially rude to write about.

This semester has offered me a chance to explore my own summer experience by interacting with different genres and mediums of expression. Each afforded me the ability to tell the story in a powerful way due to the conventions of that genre. They also, however, limited my message in some way due to the very same reason. This push and pull situation forced me as a writer (and reader) to consider in depth the rhetorical choices I made when experimenting.

Take a look at my website if you get a chance. I would like to personally thank whatever database gave me the old pictures of Des Moines through Google images.



BREAKING NEWS: Grady officially publishes ePortfolio.

Philadelphia, PA – According to recent reports, Connor Grady has officially published his ePortfolio. While earlier reports claimed that Grady was expected to make his ePortfolio live sometime during the early part of this week, the exact timing was unknown. Housed on a Wix website, Grady’s ePortfolio represents a tremendous accomplishment in his writing career thus far.

Discussing his ePortfolio in an interview, Grady explained that he feels he has grown most as a writer in terms of his knowledge of genre and his ability to analyze his own writing. “Through my process of experimentation this past semester, I think I better understand some of the subtle nuances and distinctions between different genres of writing,” Grady said. “I also have a stronger grasp of how to critically question my writing.”

Grady went on to state that he believes he has added to his revision skills during this past semester. “I was able to improve my already-solid editorial abilities through the three experimental phases. That being said, I hope to continue honing my revisionary techniques as I prepare to take the capstone next year.” Grady concluded the interview by encouraging me to visit his ePortfolio and share it with others.

Let’s change the stigma.

Politics. It’s taboo, haven’t you heard? You are never suppose to talk about it with anyone, and if you do you are just asking for trouble. Alright, lets rewind. Let’s change this ridiculous notion that we can’t have meaningful conversation with people without hurting their feelings.

In a world that is constantly evolving and changing in ways we may not have always hoped, it is time to break out of our shells and start to talk to one another about these issues. I am not saying you need to be particularly “woke”, but it may be time, for lack of a better term, to start giving a shit. Every single day, it feels like another liberty or group of people is being attacked, and to be quite honest I, along with many, am sick of it. But aren’t I just one person, aren’t I just a liberal snowflake? Yes, yes I could be these things – but by continuing to not speak out about issues and engage with those who are different than me, I will continue to get nowhere.

It’s time – time to start discussing and listening to one another. It’s time to start hearing what we ALL have to say. Yes I am looking at you, whether you are a conservative, liberal, independent, or honestly do not even know what politics are. Start learning about where you stand on the issues and start talking about it with your peers. Make your voice heard. And honestly, do it soon. Before it’s too late.

Here is the link to a fun website where I go more into the issue: https://msanghvi.wixsite.com/letslisten