An Unexpected New Path!

“Learning a new system is learning a new ability”.

Over this past weekend, I was able to delve into a brand new video editing software that I had yet to explore: Adobe Premiere CS6! I had all but mastered the ins and outs of my two favorite video editing programs (Sony Vegas Pro and iMovie), and was very excited to begin a new adventure with Adobe Premiere…Right off the bat, I had heard many times over that Premiere Pro offers the most complex timeline editing and color correction tools in the commercial video editing software market. I was hesitant to begin using Premiere Pro from a young age, given the barriers to entry that non-trained editing enthusiasts like me have in adapting to programs like this. But to say that I was not absolutely thrilled to have purchased my very own copy of this software would be quite misleading.

Something I noticed from the get go is that Premiere Pro lacks any sort of prompts that guides users toward learning even the BASICS of timeline editing, simple sorts of things like splitting clips into separate portions on the timeline. You are truly left to your own when exploring Premiere Pro, which could be quite disconcerting..Although it took me a good few hours to adapt to Premiere without the aid of tutorials, I feel that my transition into the program would have gone nearly nowhere without my previous knowledge of the Sony Vegas and iMovie editing programs, during the same first few hours. My absolute favorite portion of Premiere to learn using was the color correcting mechanism, along with the overlay tools, which quite literally blew what’s available in Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro out of the water.. And although I’m not trying to turn this post into a tech review, I would be a fool not to mention that Premiere has quickly become a joy to play around with. Since I had been accustomed to the more intermediate editing software on today’s market, I hadn’t challenged myself in exploring more with the top echelon type of software like Adobe Premiere. It would seem that the timing in picking up Premiere was just right, and I can’t wait to see where this new road in editing leads.

Adobe InDesign #TechChallenge

For my remediating project I’m using Adobe InDesign to create a small booklet for high schoolers with information about different post-highschool options. The design will be similar to study abroad books I’m sure many of you are familiar with. It will have lots of images, quotes, and different sizes and styles of text, sort of similar to something like this. In order to learning how to produce the ideas I currently have in my head I figured a good place to start a tech challenge would be on the adobe site itself ( InDesign is an Adobe product after all, so they must have some good resources!

The help site is organized by “getting started tutorials” and then specific tutorials on things like layout and design, text, styles, tables, color, and transparency to name just a few. I decided to start off watching a few getting started tutorials, which helped me through the very, very basics of things like opening a document, setting up how many pages I need, and setting the size. It seems ridiculous to have to learn how to do something so simple, especially because I’m so used to programs like Word and Powerpoint that I almost forgot that I had to learn how to use them at one point! I also learned a few nice tips such as how to re-order your pages at any time, which will be helpful for me since I haven’t decided on the order I want my topics to appear in the booklet.

I’m definitely going to continue watching these tutorials because I really like being able to follow along with exactly where to click rather than reading text of how to do something and then having to locate the buttons. I also want to check out the resources on, and then once I get a little bit better of a handle on the software I’ll check out the tech deck to ask specific questions in person.